Thursday, September 27, 2012

Zoya and Birchbox

If you follow me on Instagram, xochristinemarie, or know me personally you will not be surprised to hear me admit -- I am a nail polish junkie! What better way to complete an outfit than with the perfect nail color? Especially while shopping on a budget, a plain outfit can be jazzed up with a simple red nail! How fun is that?

One of my favorite colors is teal so I had so much fun this summer wearing different shades of bright summer teals! Since it is now officially Fall I had to give my teal polishes a 'I'll miss you, see you next Spring!' and break out the fall colors.

Thanks to Birchbox I was introduced to my new favorite color. Over the summer I was subscribed to Birchbox -- if you are unfamiliar it is a $10 monthly beauty subscription that sends out a box full of high end beauty samples, from eyeshadows and foundations to hair products and nail polish! If you are interested here is the link: If you are experimenting with high end beauty products but don't want to splurge without giving them a try this is a great way to try them out! I have found so many goodies! Oh yes, now back to fall nail polish color... I was sent Zoya 'Bevin' and was just itching for fall to start so I could start sporting this gorgeous color. I would describe it as the perfect fall teal!

Zoya polishes may run you a little more than a drug store brand --at about $8.00 a bottle -- but well worth the money when having to apply fewer coats and less touch ups! Such a pretty color, wouldn't you say?

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