Monday, October 15, 2012

A sock bun without the sock!

I'm sure everyone has seen the sock bun by now and if you are anything like me you are in love with this trend! One of my students last year would come to class with the prettiest buns and her mom finally told me the secret, a sock, who would have thought!

I have very fine long hair and even with a sock my bun ends up quite tiny. On a search to find a way to make this trend possible for my thin hair I came across the Mesh Chignon at Sally's for under $4.00! To sum it up it a spongey 'sock bun maker'. It adds a ton of volume and you don't have to cut up your old socks! A win-win if you ask me ;)

For those of you who do not know how to make a sock bun I went ahead and did a step-by-step 'how to'. This has become my go-to hair style for a day I was up a little too late lesson planning -or blogging-  and don't quite have the energy to spend time on my hair!

Brush out hair - if you do not yet use a wide tooth comb I would recommend switching for minimal breakage. 

Place hair in a high ponytail. 

Since I have dark brown hair I picked up the brown mesh chignon but they are also available in blonde and black. 

Place the end of your hair through the center of the mesh chignon. 

 Begin rolling your hair up and into the mesh chignon. Remember to move your hair around the entire mesh chignon every couple of rolls. 

 I finish my placing another hair tie around the entire bun. 

 Voila! Some people prefer to add some hair spray and brush it smooth to appear more polished but I enjoy the 'perfectly- imperfect' look ;) 

I also love keeping my hair parted while twisting my bangs back with an elegant low bun. Repeat the same steps with a side low pony tail.

I hope this trend stays with us for a while! It's classy, easy and functional for the classroom -- what's not to love!

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