Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Favorite Fall Trends

If you look at today's trends it seems to have a common theme -- mixing the unconventional. A few years back if I saw someone wearing red and hot pink I'll have to admit, I would have thought they dressed in the dark! Polka dots and stripes, stripes and leopard, whites after Labor Day, shorts in the winter-- I am sure even a few came to your mind as well that I am missing. 

Now a days I can't get enough of color blocking, mixing patterns and you all have already seen I am a firm believer of bringing whites into fall! I have put together a few of the fall trends I just can't get enough of. I have a few outfits planned out based on some of these fun trends -- coming very soon! 

Tights with Shorts/Dresses
I absolutely love leggings, tights and stockings. What better way to get wear out of all of those cute summer shorts and dresses then to pair them with some tights and a scarf! 

I really wish I could say I had a pair. I am a little nervous about trying to pull this trend off because, lets face it, we have all seen it not pulled off so well. I bought a pair of high waisted leather shorts last fall and have yet to wear those bad boys...however, I have thought of a great wear to pair them with some tights so stay tuned for that look! 


Checkered Button Ups
I am head over heals for these blue and white checkered button ups I am seeing everywhere! I know J. Crew carries a style but I just can't seem to get myself to spend $70+ on this top. If you have found one I would love to hear about it! I will surely be continuing my search! 

White Jeans 
My beloved white jeans- would you laugh at me if I admitted to owning 3 pair? Oh and 4 pairs of white shorts..throw in a couple white skirts too. Sigh. I just can't get enough! With that much white there is no way I could leave them behind come Labor Day. I found some great pictures of ladies continuing this trend over into fall with some warm colors and cute boots- perfection! 


Mixing Patterns 
I adore this idea of being able to mix two different patterns! My personal favorites are stripes and polka dots, and of course adding leopard to just about anything! 

I have a few outfits lined up to show you some affordable and practical ways to wear these trends to work and on the weekends so make sure to check back!

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  1. yup i pretty much need all of these outfits in my wardrobe. i am loving the navy blazer, the checkered shirt with the striped sweater over that totally doing that this fall! now i just need cooler weather!

    1. haha I totally agree! We are having a low 60's day followed by a day in the 80s! Makes picking out all my cute fall outfits way too difficult!

  2. Hi Christine Marie,

    Love the image of your white jeans and boots -- seamless transition from summer to fall. Could I use this image for a list I am writing for the Huffington Post, sponsored by Suave? We would be happy to credit you and your blog. Feel free to email me jessica.leader@huffingtonpost.com

    Many thanks :)


  3. Can you tell me where to find that black v neck 3/4 top? Amazing! I've been searching everywhere