Friday, October 19, 2012

Navy Blue

The weather this fall has certainly made planning outfits quite difficult! Mother nature seems to want to hold on to the warm and humid weather a little longer than the rest of us. It does make it fun to mix boots with outfits I would not normally get the chance to pair together. With clouds and temperatures in the mid 70's a scarf and shorts fit the casual mood of the day perfectly.

H&M Navy Blue Top -- $14.95. // Scarf -- $9.99, TJ Maxx. // White Shorts -- $12.99, Marshalls. // Urban Outfitters Boot Socks -- $14.99. // Target Boots --$40.00, 2 year ago. // Pandora Bracelet -- Gift.

I hope the weather near you is not as fickle as it is hear. I'll have to admit I am fully ready for the cool weather!

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