Monday, October 29, 2012

OPI Russian Navy

I love dark shades for fall and OPI's Russian Navy is right up my alley! My nails seem to be breaking -- I've switched up my nail strengthener so that may be the culprit -- so I was a little nervous to wear such a dark color on my shorter nails. I have to say, I don't just like it -- I love it! In the bottle it appeared to be a dark plum purple but on the nails it comes across much more blue. It even appears a different shade on camera -- what a deceitful color but I was pleasantly surprised! I guess you'll have to go pick up a bottle of your own to see its true color ;) I would describe it as a dark navy blue with specs of plum purple -- gorgeous!

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  1. Pretty! Looking forward to following your blog, too!

    1. Since you are also new to blogging let me know if you run across any beginner questions, since I am going through the same thing I may be able to help :) I am always asking people questions! haha Good luck on your blogging endeavors -- I am excited to read along!