Monday, October 8, 2012

So Long Sweet Summer

Although it has offically been fall for a few weeks now the 80+ degree weather we have had here has really had me thinking differently. However, today's weather feels as though we went right past fall and headed full force into winter! Since my family 'winterized' the boat this weekend and I officially packed up all those beloved flip flopped I couldn't help shed a little tear. If you asked me, the ideal life would consist of living in a small beach town where I could ride my beach cruiser everywhere I needed and my bathing suit would on at least once a day. A girl can dream right? Well this chilly and wet weather had me flipping through pictures from this summer and I found some outfits I thought were worth sharing. Hope this doesn't make anyone miss the summer weather and clothes too much-- after all I have some great fall outfits planned :)

So long bathing suits, flip flops and flowers in my hair -- hello boots, scarfs and leggings. I guess I can live with that payoff... for now ;) 

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