Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Need a giggle?

So, I originally started this blog as a way to share some of my favorite things with you all-- clothes, nails, and pretty much all things beauty. I love sharing outfit deals and a gorgeous new nail color that just hit the shelves and if you follow my blog, this you already know. After all, my boyfriend has seen far too many of 'Christine is bored so she is trying on all her clothes and performing a one-woman fashion show' type of nights. Come on, we all do it!  I officially needed a new audience to share with!

Well, it's Wednesday night, I have had parent-teacher conferences before and after school for the past 3 weeks, just finished testing, report cards, and now data on just about everything seems to be due! Not to mention this crazy weather that is not only breaking me out but drying me out -- that includes my face and hair! So I must admit taking pictures is not first on my list of what I want to do this week. I am in major need of some inspiration to get me out of this 'I-feel-ugly-its-way-too-cold-out-and-I-have-way-too-much-work-to-get-done" rut. Phew, that was a mouth full...

My boyfriend just recently started college for Architecture after 5 years in the Navy (I have yet to brag about just how proud I am of him!) So what to do when he is in his night class and I am in this rut? Hit pinterest, of course!

I decided to share some of my favorite quotes, ecards, and just feel-good posts I found on pinterest. I must admit -- this did the trick :)

 Why does this always seem to happen? 

haha I don't think I could have possibly said it myself. The same feeling goes for when your makeup looks just right! 


This one's for my fellow educators.

I hope those gave you a giggle and a smile. Happy Wednesday -- don't worry, the week is half over already! 

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