Sunday, December 30, 2012

Black, White and Fur

Instagram has been flooded with pictures of White Christmases and snow days but in Maryland we have been getting rain, rain, and wind! It hasn't made for ideal shopping weather but one plus side -- shorter lines! 

Black Pixie Pants -- $80.00, J Crew. | Checkered Shirt -- $11.00, Old Navy Sale. | Fur Vest -- $20.00, Target. | Leather Boots -- $30.00, JCPenney After Christmas Sale. 

 Hope you are enjoying your last few days of winter vacation! Just about one more month and we are half way done with the school year! I am itching for some warm weather and palm trees! 

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  1. I want a fur vest now..hahaha

  2. LOVE your style! I just nominated you for Liebster Award on my page! Just got to my blog if you would like to participate! :)

  3. I love the fur vest with the plaid. I have been wearing mine nonstop lately.

    1. Thank you :) I wear mine a little too often as well! haha!

  4. this is a super cute outfit! I love the fur vest! i'd love if you'd check out my blog, I've been loving yours lately!

    -ariel* xoxo