Monday, December 10, 2012

Red, Red, Red: Day 1 Casual

I've mentioned in a few other posts how much I adore wearing red this time of year. Do I really need to explain why? I think you all are in agreeance with me that it can make any outfit feel a little more festive, and heck, a little more fun too! I'm back with another set of 3 posts -- today I have a casual ensemble with a pop of red, coming in the next few days I will have a work outfit and a night out PIN-spired outfit to round out the week, all focusing on how to add a pop of red! I'm having a lot of fun putting these types of posts together, let me know if you enjoy reading them too! 
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Khaki Long Sleeve top -- $16.95, Old Navy. | Red Puffy Vest -- $15.00, Old Navy [50% sale]. | Skinny Jeans -- $39.00, H&M. | Boot Socks -- $14.95, Urban Outfitters. | Riding Boots -- $99.99, Franto Sarto via Marshalls. 

Due to the collar of the vest I opted for a hair up style -- looks like a fishtail, huh? If you are anything like me than a fishtail is your go-to hairstyle when you want your hair out of your face, but guess what? It's a fake! I recently found a 'fake fishtail' trick on pinterest that literally takes about 5 seconds to do! How great is that? Let me know if you all are interested in a how-to. I'd love to make one for ya'll!

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  1. I've seen quite a few posts with these cute vest jackets .. I have a few returns to make at Fashion Valley .. and will have to visit Old Navy and take a look at a puffy vest :-)