Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Burgundy Pixie Pants??

Yes, you read that title right...burgundy pixie pants! I'm sure your next question is... J.Crew? But the answer is no! Would you be surprised if I told you Target? If you have read my pixie pants post then you know just how much I adore my pixie pants but it took me awhile to come around and finally pay the price that comes along with these holy grail of leggings. When shopping the before Christmas sales at target I saw a sign that read "Ponte Pants 25% off". Most know that J.Crew's pixie pants are also a ponte pant so I was  immediately interested. The best part -- $15! Oh, and they fit like a glove

Super comfy and ready for a day with the kiddos! 

 Burgundy pants -- $15.00, Target. | Oatmeal Sweater -- $19.99, Marshalls. | Necklace -- $32.00, Francesca's. | Leopard Loafers --$12.99, Ross. 

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  1. Oh, the last picture is adorable (made me smile!).


  2. I love your pants...and I can't believe they're from Target! They look awesome. I need to look into those!

  3. Love the pants! Super cute outfit! Do they have back pockets?

    1. Thank you! They are just like the J Crew pixies, no pockets on the back but they do have a hemp detail down the back of the leg!

    2. Oh okay! I don't know if the teachers at my school would be allowed to wear pants like that :( I wish we could! I'll have to get them for the weekend :)

  4. Hey Christine! Are these them? I'm going to have to buy them online (closest Target is 2 hours away! ugh!) would you say they fit true to size, run small, or run large?

    http://www.target.com/p/mossimo-women-s-ponte-skinny-leg-pant-assorted-colors/-/A-14145998#prodSlot=medium_1_6&term=ponte pants

    1. Hi Sarah! Mine actually do not have belt loops, these are actually the ones I have --> http://www.target.com/p/mossimo-women-s-colored-ponte-pant-assorted-colors/-/A-14161186#prodSlot=medium_1_7&term=ponte%20pants

      For some reason the picture they show of the back does not show the detail they actually have. They have a thick hem right now the middle of legs -- which I think makes them a little more appropriate to wear as pants opposed to leggings!

      They do fit just like a legging (but are much thicker), I purchased a small and I normally wear a 27 or a 3 in jeans. I hope that helps! :) and oh my, closest Target 2 hours?! Thats just crazy! I hope you like them! :)

  5. Omg! Your necklace, and pants are to die for! Love it! Super super cute! And your personality sticks out!! Love it! Following Now!

    Blogs of Love,


  6. Love the expressions you wear the most!! keep smiling :)