Monday, February 18, 2013

Favorite Spring & Summer Trends

Last Fall I shared all of my favorite upcoming fall and winter trends -- to see the post click here -- and it is still one of my most viewed posts!  Spring and summer are quickly approaching and I can't help but start my 'summer shopping list'. So ladies, here is a collection of my favorite spring and summer trends.  Sorry if this further intensifies your itch for summer, it surely did for me!  

If you keep up with my blog then you know I have mentioned on several occasions just how much I adore my white denim. When the weather warms up most of us live in my white pants, jeans, skirts and dresses and I am no different. Although I love adding neons -- as you'll see as you continue to read -- somethings a white and neutral is all you need for a fresh and summery ensemble.

As just mentioned, I adore pairing whites with any and every neutral shade but I have to admit -- it's just not spring or summer without some pops of neon. Whether it's a neon top or bottom or just a colored shoe, bangle or clutch, a simple pop of neon brings summer to any outfit.

When I first started collecting pictures for this collage I had 'colored denim' shorts in mind until I remembered how many of my colored shorts stretch well beyond just denim. From high waisted to distressed cut offs, colored shorts are a summer must have. Throw on a pair for a summer lunch, trip to the beach or with a pair of wedges for a night out, the versatility makes them one of my favorites.

Maxi dresses have been popular for the past few years and I am guilty of owning one in every pattern and color. Although, I have intentions of staying loyal to my maxi dresses this upcoming season, I have a new found love for maxi skirts. To see how I paired one of my maxi skirts this winter click here

I don't think many items of clothing have stayed in summer fashion quite like cut off shorts. My cut off shorts collection has certainly grown over the years as I am sure most people's have considering you can easily turn an old pair of ill fitting jeans into your new favorite shorts. I adore the sparkle pockets and studded distressed pair I added to this collage! Next DIY project? I think so!

This past year has been 'year of the boyfriend jeans' for me! I am constantly looking for another pair of perfectly fitting boyfriend jeans -- without looking like I am literally wearing my boyfriend's pants or some ill fitting jeans in the wrong size. To see how I paired my boyfriend jeans this past winter click here, here and here. I recently purchased a second pair and I think they may be my new favorite jeans -- outfits paired with those beauties will be coming very soon!

If you have a spring or summer trends post make sure to leave it in a comment and I will surely check it out! Don't forget to follow my blog so you can see how I incorporate these trends into everyday outfits this season! 

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  1. Love all these trends. I am so excited for spring/summer!

    Inspirations by Kayla Rae

  2. I'm so ready for spring and summer. I hate being cold all the time lol. I made a pair of rainbow shorts and I can't wait to wear them! :)

  3. I sooo want to glitter a pair of cut-off shorts pockets! How do you do that?!