Saturday, April 13, 2013

Coral & Chambray

People say you get sick more your first year of teaching then any other point in your life. Welp. 
That has certainly proven to be true in my case. After being bed ridden with a horrible 24 hour stomach bug yesterday I wanted nothing more than to get out of the apartment today, soak up some vitamin D and enjoy a Starbucks Refresher. 

My parents drove down to visit this weekend so lucky for us all this bug only stuck around for 24 hours -- I was able to spend this gorgeous day out in town shopping with my mom and honey. But only after relaxing and catching up outside of a Starbucks first.

Upon entering Express a few weeks back these bright tangerine shorts caught my eyes and my heart was taken. Of course, I went into Express to purchase something different entirely and I knew I wouldn't be able to wear them for a few weeks -- but what could I do? I had already fallen in love. I wouldn't typically spend $40 on a pair of shorts but if you guys frequent Express you know there is never a need to spend full price! Whether it's emails, coupons in the mail, or in store sales, you are always bound to catch some bargains. 

{Want these beauties? Hurry, hurry! All Sale items are an Extra 40% off and they are running a separate sale on all their bottoms!}

So if you follow my instagram {@xochristinemarie} then you are already well aware of my current love affair with these sparkle sandals from Target. Can you say a -dor -a -ble! I don't think I have really taken them off since purchasing them over Easter weekend. My advice to you, is run don't walk to your nearest Target! 

I don't know about you but once I feel better after being sick I am in an even better mood then normal -- Add a nice 70 degree day, having my parents in town and finally getting to sport these adorable shorts and you can bet I was smilin'!

Oh and a funny side note. We all remember the Pharrell/Clipse song Grinding, right? Circa 2005 -- many high school dance memories just came to mind just typing the song title. We ran into Clipse's No Malice while at Starbucks. If your anything like me you might have said 'uh who?' which is exactly what I did when my boyfriend got so excited and said "hey". haha. 
Coral Shorts -- $40.00, Express.| Chambray Button-up -- $40.00 , American Eagle. | Sandals -- $16.00, Target. 

I hope everyone is enjoying a warm, fun, and healthy weekend! Don't forget to follow my instagram @xochristinemarie! 

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  1. One of my favorite outfits is coral + chambray! I looove coral...totally addicted. Soft and feminine. Perfect for almost all seasons. Gosh I am so jealous of your flip flop weather!

  2. Looking beautiful as always!! Love your style!