Monday, April 15, 2013

Meet April!

Not only do I love writing my own blog but I love to check out what all my ladies are doing on their pages as well. What better place to pull some inspiration from? I have linked up with the wonderful April from April Golightly to share some of her great ideas with my readers. If you follow xo Christine Marie you know I love sharing outfits, beauty tips and nail polish but April is here to share some of her favorite sunglasses! How come I never thought of that?! She's a smart gal {did I mention she's a former attorney? Smart and Pretty!}

Take it away April! 

Spring is here and it's time to start protecting your eyes from the powerful sun. Personally, I wear sunglasses year-round, but I also live in Florida, the Sunshine State. They were not kidding when they nicknamed Florida!
I have about 10 pairs of sunglasses and wear about 6 on a revolving basis. That is mostly because at least 4 pair are missing in action at any given time. I also share some unisex sunglasses with my husband. It is very odd, but I have found that if a pair of glasses look good on him, they will also look good on me and vice-versa. Such a weird coincidence since finding a pair of glasses to fit my face is an exercise in extreme patience. If you can figure out a way to make this happen, I would highly recommend it!
I usually buy my sunglasses from discount stores, as I hate to spend full price for a pair of shades that I might lose. I did pay full price for Chanel glasses, but that was a long time ago and in reward for an amazing grade inschool. I frequently wear my Lilly Pulitzer sunglasses that I have in both white and dark brown. They are the cat eye type that I found on Ruelala. Amazing that they fit my face, but I liked them enough on the site that I gave them a try. My red aviators by Escada were purchased on Ideeli and are worn by both my husband and I. The last pair that I wear all the time were actually found by my sister the night of my bachelorette party. They were in the road and would have gotten run over. Turns out they were Carreras with a price tag of around over $200. Pretty cool save and a great story!
As the sun gets more powerful, if you aren’t already wearing sunglasses on a daily basis, you better start protecting your eyes now! I am a huge fan of over-sized sunglasses that cover as much skin as possible. You are protecting both your eyes and the precious wrinkle prone skin around them.
                          Which sunglasses are you lusting after this spring?

How great is this expectant mommy? Don't forget to go check April out at April Golightly! I have a ton of posts coming in the next few weeks and even a Date Night outfit coming on April's blog this week! Make sure to go check it out! Follow my blog to see when that will be posted!

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