Friday, May 17, 2013

California Thus Far

Hello from beautiful Huntington Beach, California! The honey and I landed in OC Thursday afternoon and were greeted by perfect weather and gorgeous palm trees. But then again, when visiting Cali who expects anything less?

If you have read my About Me section here on the blog you know we are planning a move to California this summer so not only is our short 4 day trip filled with soaking up the sun, rehearsal dinner, wedding, family and friends but we also spent the majority of our Friday apartment hunting. The word stressful doesn't quite sum up the experience. However, I was thankful to get to put my toes in the sand and snap a couple pics of my outfit.

I couldn't show you pictures of my day without adding in some scenery shots... that just wouldn't be right of me ;)

Thursday Night Huntington Beach Pier Walk 

Rehearsal Dinner Outfit. The overall vibe in this adorable beach town is laid back and the attire matches its feel. For my boyfriend's family wedding the rehearsal dinner took place at a Korean BBQ restaurant surround by 40+ family and friends. My adorable new polka dot clutch paired perfect with my casual peplum top and Sam Edelman sandals! 

Gorgeous town, gorgeous weather, gorgeous day. 

I will be posting outfit details in some upcoming posts! Don't forget to follow and leave a comment down! 

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  1. Isn't California just so beautiful? Hope you both are enjoying your time here! -Jessica L