Thursday, June 27, 2013

It's My Birthday!

I have 2 reasons to celebrate. First and foremost, yesterday was my birthday! {if you read the title then that was no surprise haha} and second, its my 100th blog post! I've had a blast writing my blog and it's so fun to look back to my first few posts and see how much has changed! 

The more posts, the more exciting, but with birthdays -- you start dreading each one that leads you closer to 30. I am officially a mid-twenty year old -- Wasn't I just turning 20, like, yesterday? 

I've mentioned in a few posts that the honey and I are staying with our parents until we fly out next week. For dinner on the water with my babe and parents I sported my new maxi, long beaded necklace, along with my favorite summer clutch from Six Three Strings. {you can also see how I styled it here} The fun polka dots really pulls together all my favorite looks this season. 
If you follow my instagram you have already noticed I just can't put away this new necklace I picked up last week. If green is not your color Target has then in quite a few other colors. But for only $14 from Old Navy -- I LOVE! 

My advice to you, pop on over to Old Navy this week, as they currently have so many brightly colored summer essentials. Although my black maxi doesn't fall into the category of 'brightly colored' it has quickly become a summer essential. I mean, cotton maxis really do hold a special place in heart for summer evenings. Whats not to love? 

Maxi dress -- $25, Old Navy. | Green Necklace -- $14.00, Old Navy. | Clutch -- $30, Three Six Strings on Etsy {it was a custom order so due to the bigger size than listed on their site it was a tad more} . | Sandals -- $24.00, T.J Maxx.

One week until the big move! Make sure to check back next weekend for some fun pictures at our new place out West! Follow my instragram @xochristinemarie {or click the icon to the right} for daily pictures!

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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Last week of school Update

Wow! Has it seriously been almost 2 weeks since my last post? Time flies when you are busy, busy, busy! School is officially out for summer as of yesterday {woo hoo!} and we are are just about finished packing up the apartment. Tomorrow we are off to see our parents before the flight out to LAX and the next chapter of our life begins!

Although I haven't had to take to snap some pics for the blog I have certainly not stopped sharing my outfits over on instagram. Here is my week of outfit for the last week of school! I will certainly keep sharing my off the job outfits all summer long!

Movie date with babe. There are always those certain items you have in your drawer that you say "I haven't worn these in forever but I just can't get rid of them" well for me, these shorts were one of those items. After pulling them out for a casual movie date I have once again fallen in love! Will be on repeat this summer! 

Last day of School! 

I leave you with my current view. Boxes, boxes and more boxes. Take out. and a cold one with my honey. I will see you all on the left side once I am all unpacked! {but hmm.... I am a June baby so I may sneak in a birthday post ;) with some iphone pics so make sure to check back!} 

To see daily pics don't forget to follow me on instagram @xochristinemarie! 

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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Mixed Prints & Etsy Goodies

Raise your hand if you're obsessed with Etsy? I don't just like Etsy -- oh no -- it's much deeper than that. True love I would say. I am constantly browsing pages and interacting with sellers for custom orders. What other site gives you this opportunity? {Thats a real question, if you know of any help a blogger out!}

My honey and I had a big weekend -- we were approved to rent our 3rd apartment together but the most exciting part -- this one will be in sunny California which means a move 3,000 miles away! Since our move date is a month away we now have a ton to do! {Cue panic attack here.} So you will have to excuse me if I fall off the blogosphere for a week or two, after all my place will be a mess and half of my clothes are getting boxed up {this girl does not do well with clutter, since I know you're reading this --  I apologize in advance babe}

Now that the update is out of the way -- after hearing the good news babe and I decided to head to dinner and drinks. Nothing fancy, we enjoy the Hooters down the street for wings and beer so casual attire was in order. I showed you a sneak peak of my new polka dot clutch when I was in Cali a few weeks back but I have to admit, I think it's just about the cutest accessory. I was able to work with Brynn and Elle of Six Three Strings to actually custom make this little piece and I adore the way it turned out!

It's no surprise I love to mix patterns all over the place. If I can mix it, I will. This trend has opened up a world of possibilities so my closet and wallet are truly thankful! 

A pop of color with my neon shorts {which you can also see here} and my favorite Target sandals {which if you don't own by now you need to run out and get -- you can also see those here and here}. 

A pretty casual yet fun outfit for a few drinks but I have yet to mention one of my favorite items! Yesterday I received my necklace from Bumhemian on Etsy and could not wait to wear it. I loved the simplicity of the white horn spikes and the geometric details. How fun to layer with my short South Moon Under initial necklace. 
Stripped Top -- $12.95, H&M. | Neon Shorts -- $40.00 , Express. | Polka Dot Clutch -- $30, Etsy. | Long Necklace -- $18.75 , Etsy. | Belt -- $14.00, Old Navy. | Sandals -- $16.00, Target.

Don't forget to follow my instagram @xochristinemarie for daily pictures! I will be sharing a lot with this upcoming move -- it will be my stress relief to take a moment and share with ya'll! Hope you are soaking up these super hot sun rays like I am!

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