Sunday, June 2, 2013

Mixed Prints & Etsy Goodies

Raise your hand if you're obsessed with Etsy? I don't just like Etsy -- oh no -- it's much deeper than that. True love I would say. I am constantly browsing pages and interacting with sellers for custom orders. What other site gives you this opportunity? {Thats a real question, if you know of any help a blogger out!}

My honey and I had a big weekend -- we were approved to rent our 3rd apartment together but the most exciting part -- this one will be in sunny California which means a move 3,000 miles away! Since our move date is a month away we now have a ton to do! {Cue panic attack here.} So you will have to excuse me if I fall off the blogosphere for a week or two, after all my place will be a mess and half of my clothes are getting boxed up {this girl does not do well with clutter, since I know you're reading this --  I apologize in advance babe}

Now that the update is out of the way -- after hearing the good news babe and I decided to head to dinner and drinks. Nothing fancy, we enjoy the Hooters down the street for wings and beer so casual attire was in order. I showed you a sneak peak of my new polka dot clutch when I was in Cali a few weeks back but I have to admit, I think it's just about the cutest accessory. I was able to work with Brynn and Elle of Six Three Strings to actually custom make this little piece and I adore the way it turned out!

It's no surprise I love to mix patterns all over the place. If I can mix it, I will. This trend has opened up a world of possibilities so my closet and wallet are truly thankful! 

A pop of color with my neon shorts {which you can also see here} and my favorite Target sandals {which if you don't own by now you need to run out and get -- you can also see those here and here}. 

A pretty casual yet fun outfit for a few drinks but I have yet to mention one of my favorite items! Yesterday I received my necklace from Bumhemian on Etsy and could not wait to wear it. I loved the simplicity of the white horn spikes and the geometric details. How fun to layer with my short South Moon Under initial necklace. 
Stripped Top -- $12.95, H&M. | Neon Shorts -- $40.00 , Express. | Polka Dot Clutch -- $30, Etsy. | Long Necklace -- $18.75 , Etsy. | Belt -- $14.00, Old Navy. | Sandals -- $16.00, Target.

Don't forget to follow my instagram @xochristinemarie for daily pictures! I will be sharing a lot with this upcoming move -- it will be my stress relief to take a moment and share with ya'll! Hope you are soaking up these super hot sun rays like I am!

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  1. love the shorts! i have those same ones in white and hot pink, so comfy and they fit really well


    1. Thank you Lauren :) I am going to have to remind myself not to wear these shorts everyday this summer! hehe


  2. Love everything about this! I may need this exact outfit.... ;) Love your style and all your pics!

    -Elaine Claire