Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Aztec Day 2

I'm back for aztec attire Day 2! Today I have a cute little aztec printed bandeau top I picked up at a tiny vintage shop while browsing the boutiques on Main Street. A fun little bonus to a date night walk to the strip.  For the most part I consider my style to be more conservative, but when you live in So Cal and its summer time, a little tummy is a-okay in my book. This bandeau has gotten wear with tanks and garments as more of a 'peak-a-boo' pop of print but today, its the spotlight with this split high waisted maxi! 

To finish this look? A flower, of course! For as long as I can remember my motto has been "Everyday is better with a flower in your hair" and today is no exception -- so go on girl, put that tacky clip in flower in your hair and rock it like nobody's business! 
 Maxi Skirt -- $19.99, Target. | Bandeau -- $18.00, Huntington Beach Vintage Store. | Jean Jacket -- $25.00, LC by Lauren Conrad, Kohls. | Necklace -- $20.00, LC by Lauren Conrad Kohls. | Initial Necklace -- old, South Moon Under. | Sandals -- $60.00, Sam Edelman.

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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Aztec Day 1

Happy Weekend from the beach of sunny SoCal! 

If you're anything like me {which I will assume you are} then your closet has been slowly filling up with bright bold prints. This leaves me with endless options when I want to mix prints so... the more the merrier! 

For this post I am talkin' Aztec prints in particular.  So fun, and I will admit, I will be sad when this trend passes. But for now I get to wrap myself in aztec prints of all colors and designs -- and I plan to do just that! I have a ton of my favorite aztec printed items comin' ya'lls way and today is just the beginning. 

I had been on the hunt for an aztec maxi for quite some time and this week Marshall's delivered. Every time I turned around I ran into either a skirt, leggings or shirt with some sort of Aztec print...
 gimme it all

I left the store with just this maxi in tow and a smile on my face.

Aztec Skirt -- $14.99, Marshalls. | Peach Tank -- $5.95 , H&M. | Tassel Necklace -- $20.00, Kohls LC by Lauren Conrad. | Sandals -- $24.00, TJ Maxx. | Wrap Bracelet -- $10.00, Pier 1. | Spiked Bracelet -- $14.00, Etsy.

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Casual Dinner Date

I am all about a bargain. Self-proclaimed Maxxinista and proud of it. Now, that doesn't mean I am not constantly lusting after Rebecca Minkoff bags, David Yurman bracelets, or Kenda Scott rings like the next girl. It just means I have become quite good at hunting down some affordable pieces with the same fun looks. {but never knock-offs -- oh no, no, no}

Being that it is summer, Kenda Scott has been on full blast via instagram and I fall more in love each time I see the beautiful stones in those gorgeous pieces. But know what I don't love? The prices! But I can always count on Tj Maxx to save the day.

Clouds parted, Angels sang, and my heart skipped a beat when I laid eyes on this gorgeous turquoise necklace at Tj Maxx this past week. AND it has tassels? No question in my mind it had to be mine!

Most of you now know I recently made a huge cross country move to beautiful sunny California. Well of all places, I moved to Surf City USA. Since I hang 10 on pretty gnarly waves I'm super pumped brah! aha, just kidding, just the thought terrifies me -- but I love watching them and to one day try is on my bucket list. Why am I rambling about surfing? 

The US Surf Open takes place in non-other than my new town and started this past weekend! It's a week long surf competition with crazy packed beaches, streets, and restaurants with a ton of free concerts. Oh and lots of pop up shopping venders. So this week I will be bringing you some outfits of my fun and beachy related Surf Open Outfits {because, of course, they deserve their own outfits} 
White shorts -- old, TJ Maxx | Bandeau -- $10.00, Pacsun. | Grey Tank --  old, Marshalls. | Jean Jacket -- $25.00, Kohls. | Necklace -- $25.00, TJ Maxx | Sandals -- $24.00, Marshalls. |

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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Crop Top

In peak summer season my motto is less is more {can I get an Amen?} 
A simple flowy dress with a wedge. 
Cut off shorts and a tank.
 Simple. Refreshing & Fun.

I am adoring crop tops -- along with just about every other gal -- and my favorite way to wear them? With a maxi. Throw on some sunnies and a simple wrap bracelet and I am ready for a walk on the beach. Best part of this outfit, the price! You'll be surprised where I stumbled upon all of these summer goodies. 

Crop Top -- $6.00, Body Central. | Maxi -- $16.00 , Body Central. | Flip Flops -- $14.00,  LC by Lauren Conrad at Kohl's. | Wrap Bracelet -- $10.00, Pier 1. | Sunnies -- $17.00, Target.

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I am a little romper obsessed but I have yet to do a post featuring one of these summer essentials. Why you might ask? It is so gosh darn hard to find the perfect fitting romper! Does anyone else have as much difficulty with these little cuties as I do? Sometimes the attached short are too short, the torso is too long and at some point I was wondering if rompers just weren't for me -- which I didn't want to believe! Luckily over the last few years I have come across some gems and this, ladies, is one of them!

If you have never been to California, Orange County in particular, I can sum up the weather in just a few words -- 70s everyday, perfect, sunny, perfect and well perfect. Oh yeah and then the sun goes down and I am freezing! But hey, I'll take that to live by the beach any day. So any cute summer ensemble with some flowy long sleeves is a new favorite of mine. So different from the humid and 100 degree evenings on the East Coast.

And whats not to love about a quick summer outfit that can be worn with some sandals for a stroll down the beach or bar ready by adding some heels. A win - win to me!

Romper -- $ 42.00, ANGL. | Sandals -- $24.00, TJ. Maxx. | Necklace -- $20.00 , LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl's. | Wrap Bracelet -- $10.00, Pier 1. {surprising huh?!} | Sunnies -- $17.00, Target.

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Saturday, July 13, 2013

I'm baaaaaack!

I can't believe how long it has taken me to finally get back to the blogosphere! I knew the move across country would be a stressful one but I certainly underestimated it! Since moving into our little beach apartment a week ago we have been go, go, go

My mornings have been occupied with runs to the beach, my days filled with organizing and shopping for the apartments and our evenings include bike rides to the pier {if you follow my instagram you know you have seen my videos and pics!} I don't think my little paradise will ever get old and I finally feel at peace. So what does that mean? 

...back to blogging! 

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Last night the honey and I filled my bike basket with a camera and outfit and headed the beach for an evening shoot in the sand. I still can't believe this beautiful place is my new home. 

One summer trend I just can't get enough of -- denim vests. Which makes scene because I love accessorizing my denim jackets in Fall and Winter so this trend is leaving me smiling. 

I snagged my vest at Kohl's and it is -- drum roll please -- LC Lauren Conrad, shocking, right? I scored an awesome deal and was able to take it home for 50% off, so run over the Kohl's before the deals are over! 
Stripped Dress -- $12.95 , H&M | Jean Vest -- $25.00, 50% off at Khols, LC Lauren Conrad. | Green Necklace -- $14.00, Old Navy. | Fedora -- years ago at a beach boutique. | Sunnies -- $17.00, Target. | Flip Flops -- $14.00, LC Lauren Conrad, Kohl's.

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