Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Casual Dinner Date

I am all about a bargain. Self-proclaimed Maxxinista and proud of it. Now, that doesn't mean I am not constantly lusting after Rebecca Minkoff bags, David Yurman bracelets, or Kenda Scott rings like the next girl. It just means I have become quite good at hunting down some affordable pieces with the same fun looks. {but never knock-offs -- oh no, no, no}

Being that it is summer, Kenda Scott has been on full blast via instagram and I fall more in love each time I see the beautiful stones in those gorgeous pieces. But know what I don't love? The prices! But I can always count on Tj Maxx to save the day.

Clouds parted, Angels sang, and my heart skipped a beat when I laid eyes on this gorgeous turquoise necklace at Tj Maxx this past week. AND it has tassels? No question in my mind it had to be mine!

Most of you now know I recently made a huge cross country move to beautiful sunny California. Well of all places, I moved to Surf City USA. Since I hang 10 on pretty gnarly waves I'm super pumped brah! aha, just kidding, just the thought terrifies me -- but I love watching them and to one day try is on my bucket list. Why am I rambling about surfing? 

The US Surf Open takes place in non-other than my new town and started this past weekend! It's a week long surf competition with crazy packed beaches, streets, and restaurants with a ton of free concerts. Oh and lots of pop up shopping venders. So this week I will be bringing you some outfits of my fun and beachy related Surf Open Outfits {because, of course, they deserve their own outfits} 
White shorts -- old, TJ Maxx | Bandeau -- $10.00, Pacsun. | Grey Tank --  old, Marshalls. | Jean Jacket -- $25.00, Kohls. | Necklace -- $25.00, TJ Maxx | Sandals -- $24.00, Marshalls. |

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  1. Love the bargin shopped necklace!! I just scored a tassel necklace on super sale from LOFT. Love the way you styled it :)