Saturday, July 13, 2013

I'm baaaaaack!

I can't believe how long it has taken me to finally get back to the blogosphere! I knew the move across country would be a stressful one but I certainly underestimated it! Since moving into our little beach apartment a week ago we have been go, go, go

My mornings have been occupied with runs to the beach, my days filled with organizing and shopping for the apartments and our evenings include bike rides to the pier {if you follow my instagram you know you have seen my videos and pics!} I don't think my little paradise will ever get old and I finally feel at peace. So what does that mean? 

...back to blogging! 

And some has changed since I last posted -- and since most of you know about Google Reader closing I want to make sure no one misses a new post {since I am finally back!}, so don't forget to head on over to BlogLovin' and follow xo Christine Marie

Last night the honey and I filled my bike basket with a camera and outfit and headed the beach for an evening shoot in the sand. I still can't believe this beautiful place is my new home. 

One summer trend I just can't get enough of -- denim vests. Which makes scene because I love accessorizing my denim jackets in Fall and Winter so this trend is leaving me smiling. 

I snagged my vest at Kohl's and it is -- drum roll please -- LC Lauren Conrad, shocking, right? I scored an awesome deal and was able to take it home for 50% off, so run over the Kohl's before the deals are over! 
Stripped Dress -- $12.95 , H&M | Jean Vest -- $25.00, 50% off at Khols, LC Lauren Conrad. | Green Necklace -- $14.00, Old Navy. | Fedora -- years ago at a beach boutique. | Sunnies -- $17.00, Target. | Flip Flops -- $14.00, LC Lauren Conrad, Kohl's.

Although I was busy with the move I was still posting over on instagram {@xochristinemarie} and pinning away on pinterest so don't forget to go follow!

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