Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Aztec Day 4 Featuring Gypsea Heart

Today wraps up my Aztec themed outfits and I couldn't be any more excited about today's look featuring my Gypsea Heart 'Cape'. 

Sponsorships and collaborations go hand-in-hand with blogging. But typically it's the companies reaching out to bloggers and vloggers around the world to promote their product/company. This collaboration is different. After months of lusting over her products, I reached out to a friend of mine dying to promote her amazing new company, Gypsea Heart. She must be pretty impressive then, huh? 

If you keep up with xo Christine Marie you may remember my mentioning a time or two about growing up a Navy Brat, moving almost bi-yearly, and along the way meeting a ton of new friends. You may think it's sad moving every other year -- at times it was, but overall, nope -- you make so many friends and throughout the years, you get to keep so many friends {not to mention getting to live all over the world -- not too bad growing up with a Navy Officer and Hero as your father} 

Well, the beautiful and talented Lauren is the one of those friends -- ironically enough we both followed our hearts to sunny So Cal -- and Lauren is the designer behind Gypsea Heart. Like I previously mentioned, I had been lusting over Lauren's hand drawn iPhone cases, laptop decor, and necklace pendents {which you can see on her instagram @gypsea_heart} But when she started sewing clothes I knew I had to get my hands on them! 

I contacted Lauren about making a kimono style cardigan -- since I can't seem to get enough of them, perfect for a breezing beach day or bathing suit cover up -- and Lauren delivered with this gorgeous 'Gypsea Cape'. Are you as in love as I am? I'm obsessed with the print, the quality, and the fun vibrant colors. The best part? 100% unique, 100% handmade, 100% xo Christine Marie ;) 

{keep reading to see how to contact Lauren and peak at some of her other designs} 
Gypsea Heart Cape | White shorts -- $20.00, clearance Marshalls. | Necklace -- $20.00, LC by Lauren Conrad, Kohls.  
Want to get your hands on a one of a kind Gypsea Cape? Lauren hand sews each and every custom made Gypsea Heart item. Below you will find Lauren modeling her Gypsea Capes and pants, as well as one of her menswear designs. I still can't believe how detailed and beautiful her drawings are, I mean could this girl be anymore talented?!  
Take a peak at some of Lauren's other custom pieces. 
To order your own Gypsea Heart pieces email Lauren at laurenabais@gmail.com, tell her Christine sent ya ;) Currently Lauren is working on numerous pieces and since they are all custom handmade orders she is currently booked until September. But right in time for Fall and completely worth the wait! 

If you end up with a Gypsea Heart piece post a picture on instagram and tag @xochristinemarie and @gypsea_heart!! Can't wait to see them! 

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