Monday, September 30, 2013

Casual Sequins

Wow, this month has been filled with a visit from my parents, a new job, baby showers, birthday parties, football games and some sicknesses. Blogging has unfortunately taken a little bit of a back seat while I learn how to juggle all that is involved in our busy new life here. Being surrounded by so many amazing friends and family here there is certainly no complaint about this busy life! But as it settles down a bit I was able to snap some pics as my honey and I walked to get a quick burger and fries on a gorgeous Sunday. 

Sequences are typically for a night out on the town or a holiday party but today I was able to dress them down a bit for our casual lunch date. Come on girl -- break the rules a bit. 

A sequins dress, chambray top and a nude sandal. Comfy and casual. 

I have a list of outfits that has been growing and growing and I am finally scheduling in a shoot this week so look out for a ton of new posts coming soon! 
Sequins dress-- $15.00, Victorias Secret (sale from $120) || Chambray top -- $40.00, American Eagle. || Nude Flats -- $12.00, LC for Kohls.

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  1. Pretty dress! Love how you dressed it down!