Sunday, September 15, 2013

Favorite Fall Trends 2013

I am adoring booties this fall and it will be the first thing I break out once the temperatures drop. If you haven't spotted any that you love just yet -- I encourage you to take a trip to Target, a ton of cute booties and it's still so early in the season! Expect a ton of posts featuring these adorable fall must-haves.

If you follow my instagram {@xochristinemarie} then you have seen a few pics featuring headwraps. I will admit they take some real working with to stay exactly how I like them -- so if you have a special trick, I'm all ears! I can't stop searching instagram and etsy for colorful and patterned headbands. I have a feeling this may replace some scarves wearing this coming season! 

Okay, okay, now this look took some getting use to, I'll have to admit. I think it takes the right outfit and the perfect fit to really pull these off. Of all the items I have mentioned in this post this is the one I have yet to get my hands on. Still searching for the perfect pair to sport this season and just the right outfit but I am loving pinterest hunting for these bad boys. 

Hands down Kimonos are my new favorite article of clothing. I already own more than I would even like to admit! You can see how I styled a fun aztec printed kimono by clicking here. I have a ton of posts coming with my fun and flowing kimonos -- eek, I am in love! 

You may have even noticed how often a vest makes an appearance on xo Christine Marie. I have gone into detail about my love for mixed prints and layering -- especially in the fall -- and this is the perfect way to add depth to any outfit. I have started quite a vest collection which I look forward to adding to this season. Also the perfect way to conceal straps on tank tops if your look calls for more coverage. 

Any items you are loving this season that I missed? Leave a comment below and let me know! And don't forget to follow my blog via BlogLovin'

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  1. I love all the headbands from Three Bird Nest. I'm not ready for the summer weather to leave but I'm looking forward to all these great clothes!!

  2. Great post! I, too, am loving the head wrap trend. To keep them in place, I suggest securing some very well-placed bobby pins and/or some hairspray! I tease my hair and do a hairspray combo... I also use a scarf and sort of "sneak" my bobby pins in... I don't know if I'm doing a terribly good job at explaining this, haha.

    I wish I could pull off the booties trend, but a) I'm just too tall I feel for any extra height and b) the weather just doesn't stay "cute shoe appropriate" long enough where I live.

  3. Also, any idea where that first vest is from?! Looove it! I am lusting over the J.Crew herringbone vest, but it is unfortunately out of my price range. I can justify my pixie pant purchase, but not an expensive vest, one!

  4. I reallly think I love all trends except the harem pants....Just not sure I can see myself in them...Target had so many but the patterns were a bit scary for my liking...hahah but I think if you start with solid colors it will be better..

  5. I really love your blog, but I would really like to know where you got that blush pink mini dress from that is paired with the grey jacket and camel colored leather bag! it is soo adroable and I must have it!!!!

    1. Hi Deanna! Unfortunately that particular picture if from Pinterest and it was from a dead link so I can't forward you to a place of purchase! :( Wish I could help! I love it too! :)