Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Kohls & Kendra Scott Discount Codes

Last spring Kohl's contacted me to provide my readers with a discount code for all your spring online purchases. Did you take advantage?! Because I am so excited to share with you all that they have contacted me again to cover all your fall and winter needs! Yes, I know, I know, you have already guessed I will be using mine on all things Lauren Conrad {my girl just got engaged so I will be looking out for the wedding invite in the mail, Lauren!} but while paroozing the store I picked myself up something every girl should own...

This Cali girl is living in her new chucks and the best part? They stay in season all year round.
Enter FALLMOMTEN to receive 10% off all your Kohl's purchases!   

In my last post I shared some updates and mentioned a recent Kendra Scott event I had the privilege of attending last week and I have some exciting news and gorgeous pictures to share -- Allison and Shannon, of Itsy Bitsy Indulgences, are offering you the opportunity to receive the same discount I received at their event!

If these gorgeous colors and stunning displays aren't enough to get you hooked maybe the discount code the fabulous ladies of Itsy Bitsy Indulgences are offering will have you sold. 

Now your interested, right? 
Head on over to Itsy Bitsy Indulgences to receive the code to get the same deal and take advantage of getting these statement pieces for a steal! I scored this beautiful coral and maroon ring set for under $30! It's been an everyday essential since I walked out of the store!
Allison and Shannon of Itsy Bitsy Indulgences 

Let me know if you end up with a piece! Don't forget to head over to both Itsy Bitsy Indulgences and Kohl's and score yourself some goodies!

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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Booties, boyfriend jeans & Update

As many of you may have noticed my posts have been coming less and less since I move out west. I was proud when I finally fell back into the routine after the big move and then came -- a brand new job. I have yet to really talk about it here but if you follow my instagram then you may notice I did not post any classroom pics this year and there is a reason why.

I have loved my years in the classroom and after a ton of job hunting and much contemplation -- a month after our move I accepted a position outside the of the classroom. Before all my teacher followers get too shocked, don't worry, I am still in the field! You didn't think I could stay away from my loving and hilarious little nuggets did you?! No way. About two months ago I accepted a position as a Behavior Therapist. For those unfamiliar, I now work one-on-one with Autistic and Developmentally Delayed children essentially running little mini individualized lessons based on a {somewhat type} of IEP.

Well, as you can imagine, with our huge move, this BIG career change for myself which has involved passing tests and a lot of training, not to mention still settling in and learning my way around town, xo Christine Marie has taken a real backseat since the end of last school year. I will admit though, I feel so guilty when a week goes by that I haven't caught up with my favorite blogs and interacted with my followers with a new post. I have to remind myself that all of this comes with such big life changes.

My teacher followers may ask if this will affect what appears on xo Christine Marie and the answer is yes and no. I will, of course, continue bringing both professional and weekend wear ensembles -- I do still work with children so it's important to dress both appropriate and on trend {of course}. BUT I will also get to bring you a ton more of my weekend wear and some life posts -- filling you in on my life in sunny Cali! I hope you have enjoyed taking this journey with me thus far!

After attending Bloggers Itsy Bitsy Indulgences Kendra Scott Event at Fashion Island this past week it lit a fire under my bloggin' behind and reminded me all over again just how much I love this community. After all, if it wasn't for this community I would not have even attended the fun event where I met some amazing fellow bloggers. It's amazing how much this little blog brought so many amazing people into my life in such a short period of time! 

Now that I have filled you in on my life lately,  onto this outfit, ladies....

I snagged these adorable booties around the end of August and have been dying for boot weather to arrive so I could sport these little cuties around town. Lucky for me, we are still blessed with 70 degree days out West... UNlucky for me, this does not accommodate my craving for weather appropriate for these seasonal shoes. But we are now nearing November so I say pish-posh and these beauties are now getting a ton of love. 

Most days my booties have been paired with skinny jeans but today I branched out of my comfort zone and threw on my comfiest pair of boyfriend jeans and what do ya know? I adore the combo. Pairing it with my summer fav. {this gorgeous kimono -- I mean really, I lived in this thing this past summer} Another beach inspired fall transition. Has it cooled down where you live yet? I will admit I am missing the chilly weather just a bit -- but then I walk to the beach again and remember just how blessed I am to be here! 
Booties -- Target. || Boyfriend Jeans -- Loft. || Kimono -- JACKS Surf Shop. || Tank -- Express.

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

1 Year!

Happy 1 year to xo Christine Marie! Wow, what a year!

A year and a half ago I was sitting at lunch with my boyfriend in Downtown Portsmouth in Virginia asking his thoughts on my new idea to start a teacher related style blog. After drafts of blog designs, many trials of pictures, scenery, a move across the United States and really trying to find out what exactly I wanted xo Christine Marie to be, I think I am finally started to figure it out...a whole year later! 

And another a huge accomplishment also surrounds this blogiversary-- 100,000 views! Holy smokes, y'all! 

My favorite part of this past year of blogging? The community and people I have met along the way. One of the best things about fashion is how diverse and individual it is. Lets be honest, some people may look at the way I dress and think giiiiiiirl you ain't all that and guess what? Thats a-okay with me. I absolutely love putting outfits together, getting compliments and questions about my wardrobe and have even had the opportunity to do some personal shopping for some gals. Blogging has allowed me to link up with people who do share my style and love for assembling an outfit which has been so fun. 

Not only have I been able to link up with bloggers across the county but I have also fallen in love with all types of blogs now which has helped me grow tremendously. I get a kick out of reading some hilarious posts by lifestyle bloggers. I am addicted to healthy life style blogs and I can't get enough of reading about the creative ideas from amazing teacher bloggers. Heck, I even ran into the amazing and talented Michelle from Apples and ABCs while at Disneyland! Who, if it wasn't for the crazy world of blogging, I would never have met! And I will admit I felt as if I just spotted Kim Kardashian as I ran over to say hello. haha! 
There are instagrammers who I check out each and every morning before I start my day, and I have linked up with companies and been offered some amazing opportunities. So to sum it up, I couldn't be happier I followed my heart and finally took the chance on xo Christine Marie. What a year its been!

I guess I also need to thank my faithful photographer who has captured all these outfits along the way -- my amazing and talented honey boo boo. Although he constantly tells me how awkward and goofy I am in front of the lens, it makes me giggle! I think blogging has validated I have no future in modeling. I define awkward, ya'll. haha, but it makes it all the more fun! One day I just may write a post showing some of the best out takes, it will give you a good laugh for sure -- hmm...maybe to celebrate year 2?.... 

Now onto my outfit!  I picked a personal fav for this special post. If you read some of my fall posts from last year then you know I am all about white after labor day. Sorry but not sorry ladies, white is for all year round in my book. 

Since living out West I have discovered one of my new favorite stores, Brandy Melville.  Unfortunately for most, it is primarily located in Cali. If you are unfamiliar with the brand you can, however, order online but here is the real kicker-- Brandy Melville is all One Size fits Most. Yup, even the skirts, shorts, and pants. I may be a size 0 but I am most certainly not 'cali sized' because this gal can't fit in those Brandy pants! But hey, their sweaters and tops already take up a good portion of my paycheck. I also snagged this adorable headband for only $3 a few weeks back! 
White pants -- Old Navy. || Grey/Blue Sweater -- Brandy Melville. || Booties -- Target. || Headband -- Brady Melville. ||

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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Fall at the Beach

While I scroll instgram I see fall related outfit and a ton of Hunters rain boots. Well ladies, its a whole different ball game out in Cali for fall! We have had 1 rainy day since our move nearly 3 months ago and there is certainly no need for sweaters quite yet. While temps have dropped a bit there are still little signs of falls arrival. The great thing about this constant sunny and 70 degree weather is you can get away with some scarves and boots but in our little beach town, shorts and flip flops aren't getting packed up just yet. 

I snagged this Beach Life tank this summer from Old Navy and it has been a cute touch of sparkle to an otherwise casual outfit. While pairing it with a black blazer with some leather cuffs, and a pair of light washed cut offs I have the perfect beach styled fall ensemble. My favorite piece of this outfit? My new Cali necklace. Another amazing Etsy find which means handmade and very affordable. {click here to shop the Etsy store} 
Beach Life Tank -- Old Navy. || Blazer -- Target. || Shorts -- American Eagle. || Sandals -- Marshalls. || Watch -- Marc Jacobs. || Necklace -- Etsy. ||
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