Wednesday, October 16, 2013

1 Year!

Happy 1 year to xo Christine Marie! Wow, what a year!

A year and a half ago I was sitting at lunch with my boyfriend in Downtown Portsmouth in Virginia asking his thoughts on my new idea to start a teacher related style blog. After drafts of blog designs, many trials of pictures, scenery, a move across the United States and really trying to find out what exactly I wanted xo Christine Marie to be, I think I am finally started to figure it out...a whole year later! 

And another a huge accomplishment also surrounds this blogiversary-- 100,000 views! Holy smokes, y'all! 

My favorite part of this past year of blogging? The community and people I have met along the way. One of the best things about fashion is how diverse and individual it is. Lets be honest, some people may look at the way I dress and think giiiiiiirl you ain't all that and guess what? Thats a-okay with me. I absolutely love putting outfits together, getting compliments and questions about my wardrobe and have even had the opportunity to do some personal shopping for some gals. Blogging has allowed me to link up with people who do share my style and love for assembling an outfit which has been so fun. 

Not only have I been able to link up with bloggers across the county but I have also fallen in love with all types of blogs now which has helped me grow tremendously. I get a kick out of reading some hilarious posts by lifestyle bloggers. I am addicted to healthy life style blogs and I can't get enough of reading about the creative ideas from amazing teacher bloggers. Heck, I even ran into the amazing and talented Michelle from Apples and ABCs while at Disneyland! Who, if it wasn't for the crazy world of blogging, I would never have met! And I will admit I felt as if I just spotted Kim Kardashian as I ran over to say hello. haha! 
There are instagrammers who I check out each and every morning before I start my day, and I have linked up with companies and been offered some amazing opportunities. So to sum it up, I couldn't be happier I followed my heart and finally took the chance on xo Christine Marie. What a year its been!

I guess I also need to thank my faithful photographer who has captured all these outfits along the way -- my amazing and talented honey boo boo. Although he constantly tells me how awkward and goofy I am in front of the lens, it makes me giggle! I think blogging has validated I have no future in modeling. I define awkward, ya'll. haha, but it makes it all the more fun! One day I just may write a post showing some of the best out takes, it will give you a good laugh for sure -- hmm...maybe to celebrate year 2?.... 

Now onto my outfit!  I picked a personal fav for this special post. If you read some of my fall posts from last year then you know I am all about white after labor day. Sorry but not sorry ladies, white is for all year round in my book. 

Since living out West I have discovered one of my new favorite stores, Brandy Melville.  Unfortunately for most, it is primarily located in Cali. If you are unfamiliar with the brand you can, however, order online but here is the real kicker-- Brandy Melville is all One Size fits Most. Yup, even the skirts, shorts, and pants. I may be a size 0 but I am most certainly not 'cali sized' because this gal can't fit in those Brandy pants! But hey, their sweaters and tops already take up a good portion of my paycheck. I also snagged this adorable headband for only $3 a few weeks back! 
White pants -- Old Navy. || Grey/Blue Sweater -- Brandy Melville. || Booties -- Target. || Headband -- Brady Melville. ||

Don't forget to follow xo Christine Marie on BlogLovin' and follow me on my next year of blogging! I am so excited to see what my next year of blogging has in store for this new Cali girl!

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  1. Congrats on your one year of blogging! I've only just come across you, but your blog is lovely and I adore your outfits, so I'm following via Bloglovin now :D
    I was really surprised to see your pictures though, because your smile looks so much like one of my friends - I though you were her for a minute, but we live in the UK!