Sunday, October 27, 2013

Booties, boyfriend jeans & Update

As many of you may have noticed my posts have been coming less and less since I move out west. I was proud when I finally fell back into the routine after the big move and then came -- a brand new job. I have yet to really talk about it here but if you follow my instagram then you may notice I did not post any classroom pics this year and there is a reason why.

I have loved my years in the classroom and after a ton of job hunting and much contemplation -- a month after our move I accepted a position outside the of the classroom. Before all my teacher followers get too shocked, don't worry, I am still in the field! You didn't think I could stay away from my loving and hilarious little nuggets did you?! No way. About two months ago I accepted a position as a Behavior Therapist. For those unfamiliar, I now work one-on-one with Autistic and Developmentally Delayed children essentially running little mini individualized lessons based on a {somewhat type} of IEP.

Well, as you can imagine, with our huge move, this BIG career change for myself which has involved passing tests and a lot of training, not to mention still settling in and learning my way around town, xo Christine Marie has taken a real backseat since the end of last school year. I will admit though, I feel so guilty when a week goes by that I haven't caught up with my favorite blogs and interacted with my followers with a new post. I have to remind myself that all of this comes with such big life changes.

My teacher followers may ask if this will affect what appears on xo Christine Marie and the answer is yes and no. I will, of course, continue bringing both professional and weekend wear ensembles -- I do still work with children so it's important to dress both appropriate and on trend {of course}. BUT I will also get to bring you a ton more of my weekend wear and some life posts -- filling you in on my life in sunny Cali! I hope you have enjoyed taking this journey with me thus far!

After attending Bloggers Itsy Bitsy Indulgences Kendra Scott Event at Fashion Island this past week it lit a fire under my bloggin' behind and reminded me all over again just how much I love this community. After all, if it wasn't for this community I would not have even attended the fun event where I met some amazing fellow bloggers. It's amazing how much this little blog brought so many amazing people into my life in such a short period of time! 

Now that I have filled you in on my life lately,  onto this outfit, ladies....

I snagged these adorable booties around the end of August and have been dying for boot weather to arrive so I could sport these little cuties around town. Lucky for me, we are still blessed with 70 degree days out West... UNlucky for me, this does not accommodate my craving for weather appropriate for these seasonal shoes. But we are now nearing November so I say pish-posh and these beauties are now getting a ton of love. 

Most days my booties have been paired with skinny jeans but today I branched out of my comfort zone and threw on my comfiest pair of boyfriend jeans and what do ya know? I adore the combo. Pairing it with my summer fav. {this gorgeous kimono -- I mean really, I lived in this thing this past summer} Another beach inspired fall transition. Has it cooled down where you live yet? I will admit I am missing the chilly weather just a bit -- but then I walk to the beach again and remember just how blessed I am to be here! 
Booties -- Target. || Boyfriend Jeans -- Loft. || Kimono -- JACKS Surf Shop. || Tank -- Express.

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