Saturday, October 12, 2013

Fall at the Beach

While I scroll instgram I see fall related outfit and a ton of Hunters rain boots. Well ladies, its a whole different ball game out in Cali for fall! We have had 1 rainy day since our move nearly 3 months ago and there is certainly no need for sweaters quite yet. While temps have dropped a bit there are still little signs of falls arrival. The great thing about this constant sunny and 70 degree weather is you can get away with some scarves and boots but in our little beach town, shorts and flip flops aren't getting packed up just yet. 

I snagged this Beach Life tank this summer from Old Navy and it has been a cute touch of sparkle to an otherwise casual outfit. While pairing it with a black blazer with some leather cuffs, and a pair of light washed cut offs I have the perfect beach styled fall ensemble. My favorite piece of this outfit? My new Cali necklace. Another amazing Etsy find which means handmade and very affordable. {click here to shop the Etsy store} 
Beach Life Tank -- Old Navy. || Blazer -- Target. || Shorts -- American Eagle. || Sandals -- Marshalls. || Watch -- Marc Jacobs. || Necklace -- Etsy. ||
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