Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Holiday Polka Dots

Happy Thanksgiving week! I hope this post finds you cuddled up with a warm beverage surrounded by family and friends {or a cocktail, depending on how your family gets down} 
I have a ton to be thankful for and I try to remind myself to count those blessings all year round. But, of course, when life gets in the way it's nice to have holidays like this to give us time to reflect and remind us. 

This year I will be reunited with my parents {after 3 long months}, my grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles, sister, and my boyfriend who will be taking the flight with me to enjoy, what the weather calls for, a snowy Thanksgiving! Will be nice to see a few days of snow opposed to our constant 70 degree weather {which by no means am I complaining about, ya'll!} 

If you follow my instagram, @xochristinemarie, then you saw a picture from this past weekend of a Christmas Pinterest Party with some girlfriends. We made appetizers, desserts, and took a Michael's trip to get supplies for our Christmas DIYs. While sipping some wine and watching a chick flick we got to crafting and had a great night! Yes, yes I know, it's not even Thanksgiving yet -- this way we can enjoy our newly made Christmas decor all season long! 

With all our Christmas crafting I thought, hey, it's never too early to give some Holiday outfit inspirations and I couldn't think of a better way then to introduce my new favorite holiday item. I love gold and polka dots all year round, but something about their combo screams 'festive' in my eyes. Adding my favorite Kendra Scott accent ring and it's just enough to say "Bring on the eggnog!" 
Black Pixie Pants -- J Crew. || Polka Dot Flats -- Express. || Green Ring -- Kendra Scott. || Tassel Necklace -- Kohls {LC Lauren Conrad}. || Sweater -- Express (old). || Spiral Ring -- Etsy. ||

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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Fur Vest & Stripes

No fall season is complete without a fur vest. Yup, boots, scarves and full boots -- anything and everything you need to brave the breezy weather and changing leaves.

You may remember this particular fur vest from my posts last year {so yes that does mean I have numerous fur vests that will also be getting a feature -- I can't get enough} but this one has always made me giggle when I get asked where it's from. Ladies, we all know Target is a must for well, uh, anything! But many gals don't realize the goldmine known as the little girls section! Oh yes, you read that right, this adorable little vest is a size Large from the little girls section, and it isn't the first or last thing to grace my closet from that cute department. 

If you tend to wear a small or medium in women's sizes then a large or extra large is your way to go if you head one department down. {shhh, I have even tried on skirts, dresses, and shoes from that section, too!} 

Speaking of shoes, I spotted these booties at Target towards the end of summer and with fear of "its the beginning of Fall I can't dare commit to the first pair of cute booties I see of the season!" I walked away. But after shopping around to see if I came across any I liked better I found myself driving back to Target to make these $30 cuties all mine. Pairing with my fur vest and some fall colored details and I am ready for the brisk Autumn day. 
Fur Vest -- Target {children's department, Last year}. || Booties -- Target. || Stripped Top -- H&M. || Jeans -- H&M. || Bracelet-- South Moon Under. || Marc Jacobs Watch -- Nordstrom. || Green Ring -- Kendra Scott. || 

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013


I love just about any excuse to dress up. I am what my boyfriend would describe as an over celebrator.  We have weekly date nights on the book, and yes I make him dress nice for them.  If you got an A on your paper, its payday, its Sunday, heck, even when the Green Bay Packers win a game {which isnt recently - ugh, GO PACK GO!} I will accept any excuse to dress up and go out to celebrate. 

 My honey always compliments my date night attire, as every man should, he always reminds me he thinks I am gorgeous. {I promise this is not some sappy boyfriend plugging post don't worry} When my boyfriend and I would skype while long distance our first two years of dating I use to even get all dolled up just for our nightly video chats. One evening, we talked for so long we were both in bed, of course still video chatting, and I reached for my make up wipes. Once I had wiped off all my make up he said "stop, look at me" I obliged and he continued with "now you look even prettier" awwwww, I know right? Total sap. I giggled but that moment stuck with me. 

This gal loves to put together an outfit but sometimes a stroll on the beach requires little effort, some ripped boyfriend jeans, chucks, and a comfy sweater. After taking pictures for today's post {as he always does} he ended the shoot with "I think this is my favorite outfit yet" 

I snagged myself a good one, eh? 
I guess since I am featuring boyfriend jeans this week it's only appropriate I shared a little boyfriend story. But I may be wearing a simple laid back Fall ensemble but that doesn't mean I can't grab one of my most sparkly clutches  -- because, duh, its 100% necessary to always have a touch of sparkle. 
Sweater -- H& M || Boyfriend Jeans -- Gap || Chucks -- Nordstrom || Marc Jacobs Clutch -- Target (old). || 

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Sunday, November 17, 2013

White and Hunter Green

Now that I have finally become accustomed to this time change, and we are home from family visits {if you follow my instagram you saw we took a weekend trip to San Francisco to visit a new little member of the family} and now -- I finally have a moment to b r e a t h. Which means I was able to take a  break at the beach and snap some pictures to share with you lovely ladies. God couldn't have blessed us with a more beautiful Fall, breezy, saturday at the beach. 

If you have read my posts from last year then you are well aware I am all for white after labor day. I couldn't imagine my fall {and yes even winter} wardrobe without it! 

Pairing my white Old Navy Rockstar Skinnies, which continue to be my favorite brand of colored jeans, with some fall colors and ankle booties I am still able stay appropriate with the seasons. I love hunter green this time of year and I am adoring how well it goes with my new emerald green Kendra Scott ring. I have a special announcement coming soon to all my local OC gals involving Kendra Scott so make sure to keep checking back in the next few weeks! 

So tell me, how to you wear your winter white pants? 
Green Sweater -- Brandy Melville. || Green Vest -- Target. || White Pants -- Old Navy. || Gold Clutch -- Target (old). || Booties -- Target (recent). || 

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