Wednesday, November 20, 2013


I love just about any excuse to dress up. I am what my boyfriend would describe as an over celebrator.  We have weekly date nights on the book, and yes I make him dress nice for them.  If you got an A on your paper, its payday, its Sunday, heck, even when the Green Bay Packers win a game {which isnt recently - ugh, GO PACK GO!} I will accept any excuse to dress up and go out to celebrate. 

 My honey always compliments my date night attire, as every man should, he always reminds me he thinks I am gorgeous. {I promise this is not some sappy boyfriend plugging post don't worry} When my boyfriend and I would skype while long distance our first two years of dating I use to even get all dolled up just for our nightly video chats. One evening, we talked for so long we were both in bed, of course still video chatting, and I reached for my make up wipes. Once I had wiped off all my make up he said "stop, look at me" I obliged and he continued with "now you look even prettier" awwwww, I know right? Total sap. I giggled but that moment stuck with me. 

This gal loves to put together an outfit but sometimes a stroll on the beach requires little effort, some ripped boyfriend jeans, chucks, and a comfy sweater. After taking pictures for today's post {as he always does} he ended the shoot with "I think this is my favorite outfit yet" 

I snagged myself a good one, eh? 
I guess since I am featuring boyfriend jeans this week it's only appropriate I shared a little boyfriend story. But I may be wearing a simple laid back Fall ensemble but that doesn't mean I can't grab one of my most sparkly clutches  -- because, duh, its 100% necessary to always have a touch of sparkle. 
Sweater -- H& M || Boyfriend Jeans -- Gap || Chucks -- Nordstrom || Marc Jacobs Clutch -- Target (old). || 

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  1. Super cute, as always! loving the photos on the beach, your beautiful! Simply flawless

    XO, Claire

  2. when did you get those jeans? I don't see them on their website; so cute!!

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