Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Valentine flirty Part 1

In typical girl fashion I adore Valentine's day. Maybe because I am lucky enough to have a Valentine -- I am sure I would have a different opinion if otherwise -- but nonetheless I adore getting dressed up and showing my honey off around town. 

I see a ton of posts this time of year with 'unconventional' approaches to Valentine outfits. But just as the holidays aren't quite the holidays without some red, green and sparkles Valentine's just doesn't feel quite as perfect without some dashes of red and pinches of pink. 

This outfit doesn't scream hearts and roses but has just a touch of blush pink with the flowy blouse. With some loose shorts but tailored blazer I think it has the perfect blend for a flirty night out. And how amazing are these layered necklaces? Obsessed. 
Blazer -- Target. || Blouse -- Nordstrom Rack. || Shorts -- Brandy Melville. || Shoes -- Target. || Necklaces -- Kei Jewelry via Etsy.

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