Thursday, February 20, 2014

Transition to Spring Part 2

Remember when I mentioned skirts and long sleeves being my favorite combo for spring? I wasn't lying! This skirt is probably familiar to many Zara shoppers out there because just about everyone was trying to get their hands on one last spring. Fortunately,  Swell brought it back this year and I knew I had to make it mine!

The first thing to be addressed in this post is the fact that my skirt isn't quite a skirt...but a skort. Yes, you read that right. Did you just have memory flashbacks of your 8th grade trips down the hall wearing that floral skort of yours? We'll ladies they are back! I paired the skort with a casual oversized Brandy Melville sweater, my mineral necklace from Etsy and a chunky wedge. Together I think it represents a 'put together casual' vibe quite well. Perfect to go along with my little surfer dude back drop. Did I pull off my hang ten okay??
Skort -- Swell. || Sweater -- Brandy Melville. || Wedges -- Steve Madden. || Necklaces -- Etsy. ||

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