Monday, February 3, 2014

Valentine Stripes

Happy February! Being the hopeless romantic that I am I start thinking about Valentine's day as soon as the New Year is over. Well lets be honest I love any reason to celebrate {which you know if you're a frequent reader} Just a walk down the pier for sunset is reason enough for me to get gussied up and excited. 

I consider myself blessed every morning when I wake up to the handsome man I share my life with so I can't think of a better holiday then one I get to celebrate my love for him {mushiness ends there I swear!
Yeah, yeah I know. Some people are major Valentine haters. "You should show your significant other love all year round", "It's another holiday you have to spend money" But no hate here, just love

This year my honey and I will be spending it a little different than years past. We'll be starting our evening at a couples massage {which if you haven't done I highly suggest -- you both get massaged and neither of you are left with sore hands and asking "is it my turn yet?!", amaaaazing} and instead of trying to come home and rush to get ready and make it out to dinner we are opting to stay in and cook a meal together. Whats on the menu? Oh just some Lobster {droooollll} Lets see how this turns out considering I'm much like Carrie from Sex and the City, a 'I store sweaters in my oven' kinda gal. But I'm working on it, ya'll! 

I am hoping it turns out better than his Valentine breakfast I made last year. A word to the wise, adding red food dye to scrambled eggs may sound cute but it looks like a scene for a horror movie, ladies. I still giggle picturing his face as I brought it to him in bed...

Now onto the outfit... 
Just because we are staying in for dinner doesn't mean I won't be sporting my red, pink and hearts all week long. This little number may accompany us to some drinks for the evening after we have stuffed our faces on lobster tails. 

I can't seem to get enough of bold black and white stripes so when I did some Christmas returns at Express and had some store credit I paroozed the racks and stumbled upon this pocketed piece of perfection. I'm a little obsessed can you tell? Paired with festive red blazer, cognac wedges and jews and the holiday is well represented. 
Dress -- Express. || Blazer -- Lauren Conrad, also seen styled here and here. || Shoes -- Steve Madden. || Jewlery -- All Etsy.

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  1. You look adorable! Perfect for valentines day :) Express is always on point and Im really wanting to get a cute blazer like yours now!