Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Peekaboo Bralette

Spring is here in full effect across Cali! Or did it ever leave? Or is it still summer here? Well, whatever it is, its warm, beautiful and 100% skirt weather. Fall and spring have always been my favorite seasons for styling outfits because there is something extra comfy and fun in styling skirts and dresses with long sleeves, sweaters and light jackets. 

Today I paired my long sleeve flowy blouse with another Teal & Tala goodie. I ordered this drawstring skirt and immediately thought of a ton of ways I could wear it this spring and summer. I didn't quite read the details listed on the item and to my surprise upon arrival, its leather! Hey I'll take it -- I like it even more! Adds a little something extra. 
One trend I'm loving this season has got to be the peekaboo bralettes. I own a few in different colors and think they are a fun and flirty way to add a touch of extra detail to an outfit. I have seen this trend in some, shall I say, much more revealing ways but my favorite way to show that touch of lace? An oversized low cut blouse or backless tank! Since my outfit today is pretty simple and laid-back  I decided to add a little touch of lace and some layered necklaces. 

I have yet another Teal &Tala outfit coming up that showcases another lace bralette that I absolutely adore! Teal & Tala, you're taking all my money!! 
Blouse -- Cinthya Rawley. || Leatherette Skirt -- Teal and Tala. || Lace Bralette -- Urban Outfitters. || Sandals -- Sam Edelman. || Necklaces -- Etsy. 

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