Sunday, March 16, 2014


First and foremost, thanks so much to everyone who went over to StyleSpotter and checked out my interview! It still ranks as the #3 most read interview on their site! How neat! 

Ever make a purchase and your mind goes crazy with all the ways you want to style it? Thats exactly what happened with these snakeskin beauties. After following an Australian boutique, Teal and Tala, on instagram for quite some time -- and not to mention drooling over every post -- I finally decided to get on their site and do some damage to my wallet. Since it is a smaller site they do have a smaller selection but I would be lying if I said I didn't want every item they offered.  My new babies were coming all the way from Australia so I had to patiently {not so patiently} wait for their arrival. 

Once they came in I was equally obsessed with each piece but I will admit, these harem pants stole my heart on a whole new level! You will most certainly be seeing them styled in new ways throughout spring and summer, which is what shopping on a budget is all about {proud repeat offender!}. Since the print is large and and bold print I chose to keep the top simple and flawy with some dainty jewelry and a neutral wedge. Honey refers to these as my 'Rihanna' pants which, of course, makes me feel extra sassy. 

Pants -- Teal and Tala. || Blouse -- old. || Heels -- Steve Madden. || Bracelet -- Francescas. || Bracelet -- Etsy. || Purse -- Mini Mac by Rebecca Minoff. || Necklaces -- Etsy.

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  1. Christine, you look adorable! I miss the beautiful weather of sunny So Cal, although AZ is having some pretty beautiful weather as we speak. So I can't complain, I love your outfit! It screams Spring/Summer, I love how you styled it. You are a doll! ;)

    God bless