Saturday, April 19, 2014

Bralette & Maxi

I am not a big horoscope reader. To be honest, I'm Catholic and welp, the two don't quite go hand in hand. But I will say I love reading personality characteristics of my sign. I'm a Cancer (which I think has the worst name, for obvious reasons, and our 'symbol', well thats not pleasant either -- if you don't know what it is go ahead and google it and you'll quickly see why) But being a cancer means two things: 1.) My birthday is coming up! Yiippeee! And it's my Golden Birthday ya'll! So some extra celebrating will be in order and 2.) It means we are summer babies and beach dwellers. 

If you follow my posts and instagram then you already know the beach is my second home. The water is said to 'calm' cancers. When we are stressed, where will you find us? The beach or a shower. Yup, sounds about right. Looking through my past posts and at all the outfits I have planned to share with you all in the next upcoming months I realize just how much this has become a real part of my style. 
My go to summer outfit? Maxis and flowy crop tops, ladies.  I mean lets be honest, we've all seen the eCard that says "Maxis are like a dressier version of yoga pants". You got that right. Before maxis I didn't quite think there could be something better than a yoga pant, and then the maxi was born. Ya'll have seen maxis all over my blog, pinterest and in just about every store, so nothing new there. I am always looking for a way to add some spice to my typical beach attire but by adding a flowy top with a flirty bralette steps it up just a pinch. 

How are ya'll styling your maxi's this season? 

Blouse -- Nordstrom. || Bralette -- Urban Outfitters. || Maxi -- old, similar here. || Panama hat -- Target. || Necklace -- Etsy. 

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