Monday, April 7, 2014

My Warby Parkers

Last Fall my glasses prescription had changed and as much as I loved my 5 year old Diors I knew it was time for a change. I was on the hunt for a new style of specks. I was browsing Instagram, as I always do, and came across a fellow bloggers pic where she was sportin' some adorable glasses. After asking where they were from she not only introduced me to a brand I was unfamiliar with but was kind enough to even tell me the style. 

The brand? Warby Parker. Cute name and I was a bit surprised I had never heard of them. I jumped on their site and was shocked to see most of their glasses were under $100 and they would even send them to you to try on before a purchase. I was immediately sold. I sent my prescription right over. The next day I received an email from a Warby Parker employee saying they had a question about my prescription. I replied and within minutes I receive a response saying they were sorry to have to even contact me and offered me 10% off on my purchase. Um, customer service you receive an A+. 

Why am I going on about Warby Parker? Well just like that instagramer who was kind enough to pass on the information about these babies to me, after a ton of questions on my instagram photos I wanted to pass along the news to y'all! And if you're a Toms Shoes fan you'll love this, for every pair sold they give a pair away to someone in need. The timing couldn't be any better to share this with ya'll because this brand that I already find awesome is launching some new styles for a special cause. And to be honest, they remind me a lot of mine! See how I style my glasses then go ahead and scroll down to read about Warby Parker
 Glasses -- Warby Parker, style: Bensen || Jeans -- Joes Jeans. || Tank -- Nordstrom. || Shoes -- Converse. || Purse -- Mini Mac By Rebecca Minkoff. || Jacket -- Rampage, (Old). || Lipstick-- Bite.

Don't forget to check out Warby Parkers new styles and follow over at Bloglovin'! 

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