Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Hawaiian Flowers

Surprise! Two posts this week, yeah I'll admit that almost feels silly typing. To think that this thing I love so much, blogging, has gone from once a day to only once a week seems a bit foreign to me. But I will say this, blogging has taken a step back because so many other wonderful things have stepped up. I can't be upset at that right? Right. 

This weekend was no different in the busy department. If you follow my instagram -- @xochristinemarie -- then you get a glimpse into what my weekends consist of. Saturday started by joining a ton of OC/LA bloggers for an amazing brunch in Newport Beach. My full belly then jumped into a bikini (probably should have thought that one through) and my honey and I jumped in the water and tried paddle boarding for the first time. We had a great time and, as usual, he was a pro by the end of the of it. Aside from his one mishap of sliding straight into a parked boat, that is. 
It is no surprise I am a sucker for anything that resembles a beach; starfish, plamtrees, pineapples, if it screams beach, I want it. This dress was no different, I picture a night out in Hawaii sipping piña coladas. Mmmmm.  Grab a panama hat and some strapping sandals and I am a happy gal with visions of luaus dancing in my head. 
Floral Dress -- Jack's Surf Shop. || Shoes -- Steve Madden. || Purse -- Rebecca Minkoff. || Hat -- Target. || Bracelet -- Nordstrom.

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