Thursday, July 24, 2014

Ombre Maxi & Pineapples

I like to consider myself a simple girl {although my boyfriend would say differently}. Give me chocolate and I am guaranteed to smile. Some other guaranteed smiles? A good sunset, some good friends, and the beach. Wait, did ya'll know I like the beach? haha. You know this girl not only smiles with anything beach related but my insides jump with joy and I am at peace. When I laid my eyes on this ombred maxi you best believe my insides were jumping with joy and I could not wait to frolic along the beach and throw on some heels for a dinner date with my handsome in this show stopper. 

As soon as I received my dress in the mail from The Mint Julip I ran to my room to try it on {what really happened is I ripped open the box and stripped down in the living room} and the second thing I did was say 'hmmm, what on Earth kind of bra will I wear with this?!' which I am sure defers many people from backless dresses and tops such as this. Well I wouldn't let that minor detail keep me away from sporting this dress around town. {Scroll down to the bottom to see where I was able to find the perfect bra for all your backless dress needs!} 
If you follow my instagram -- @xochristinemarie -- then you saw my birthday posts where I was donning some new arm candy. Only this time it was more Spice Girls era and worn on my upper arm, which I have to say is a look I am again obsessed with! Since all of my beach looks these days wouldn't be complete without a dash of pineapple my Alola Maui clutch really helped complete this black and white ensemble {and if you haven't checked out Alola Maui you are missing out! They just released some new pieces on their instagram and I can't wait for my next bag to come in the mail!} Now hurry hurry and go snag this dress before summer is gone! 

Maxi -- The Mint Julip c/o. || Pineapple Clutch -- Alola Maui. || Arm Bracelets -- Etsy Shop. || 

Looking for the perfect bra for any backless look? For this look I picked up the Shantina Lite bra from Wal-Mart for under $20! It's an adhesive bra that was just the trick I needed to make this look work! 

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