Tuesday, July 8, 2014


This post is a special one. For my birthday 2 weeks back my parents and sister flew out to California to help me celebrate. It was the first time I had seen them since Christmas and it was the first time my sister had been to California since we moved out of San Diego when she was 10! So to sum up their vaca it was a ton of doing all the 'Cali musts' which of course include a trip to Disneyland {ours lasted longer than most at a family record of 14 hours -- I am still tired just thinking about it} and many walks down the pier and along the beaches of Huntington and Laguna. But my one request while they were here? An update family photoshoot. While my sister and dad threw in a 'ugh' or two as they got ready -- clearly they aren't accostumed to as much picture taking as I am! --  they all knew just how special it was since our visits have come so far and few due to distance so they were happy to make one of my birthday wishes come true. 
For our family photos our location decision came pretty easy -- the beach, hellloooo -- but next was to plan our attire, which would be color coordinated of course. I chose my favorite sea foam green maxi shirt and a simple white button up tank. The wind caught my skirt just right through the shoot for some pictures I will hold near and dear to my heart in between the daily phone calls and weekend FaceTime chats.
Skirt -- Express. || Top -- Marshalls. || Necklace -- Etsy. || Ring -- Birthday gift.

Interested in my mom (middle) and sisters (far right) outfits?
Maxi -- Marshalls (old) || Stripped dress -- H&M 

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