Monday, October 27, 2014

Fall Romper

After my trip back home on the East Coast there is no denying I have been bitten by the Fall bug. When my father was stationed in San Diego when I was in middle school my mom always talked about how much she missed the East Coast and I never really understood why. To me California had it all. I mean I was wearing shorts on Christmas day and thought that was as good as it got. Her answer always remained the same, "I miss the seasons; I miss Fall and the leaves changing." Now that I have grown up and don't exactly want to be wearing shorts for Christmas, I finally get it. 

As I've mentioned in my posts time and time again, the temps aren't exactly going down here, however, I am seeing more and more bloggers posting wearing all the latest Fall trends. Welp, for us Cali & Florida girls it just isn't realistic, and I always post about what I am really wearing. Therefore, I am in a pickle. I have the challenge of taking what I already own, which I mean c'mon it's primary beach clothes, and finding a way to dress for the season without adding warm layers. So for all you gals out there in my same boat I have compiled my 3 ways of respecting the Fall season but still dressing for the warm weather: 

1. Colors. It can be hard to find maroons, mustards and army greens in materials other than sweaters and heavy cardigans but if you really look, they are out there -- promise! Go for an army green pant or a maroon lip just like I did with this romper, color without sweating through it!

2. Light layers. This romper would scream summer if I didn't have a light cardigan to cover up with. However, it's not made of a thick material. Look for flowy coverups and sheer kimonos. If you look closely you can see right through the material of this cardigan, which is my favorite part!

3. Booties. I have a closest full of tall boots. Although they don't get much wear now due to my location I don't have the heart to part with any just yet. Not only do booties stay with the season, they aren't quite as heavy as a tall boot and can be worn with dresses and shorts. And let's be honest, our shorts aren't put away just yet... 
Romper -- Teal & Tala. | Cardigan -- Nordstrom. | Booties -- Lucky Brand. | Clutch -- Kisaks Studio. | Bracelets -- Alex & Ani. | Lip Color -- Shame by Urban Decay. 

How do you beat the heat but still dress for Fall? 

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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Fall Basics

With each season comes a personal 'bucket list'. Summer includes beaching, bonfires, BBQs and at least one day at an amusement park. Fall includes Oktoberfest, Pumpkin Patches and some homemade apple cider making. We are 2 weeks into October and although the heat is not backing down quite yet I still have a list of Fall activities to enjoy! Tonight's look includes my favorite 'back to basic's Fall look'. A skinny dark wash jean, booties, crisp white top and a dark lip. Looking for the perfect burgundy? I was pretty impressed with how well this Urban Decay lipstick stayed all night with no reapplies or touch ups!

Abby, of The Fabulous Life of a Natural Disaster, lives just one town over which means when our crazy busy schedules slow down a bit we can get together and be total girly girls. This weekend's festivities included some Sam Adams Oktoberfests, pumpkin patches and Fair Food. If only the temp was about 10 degrees cooler it would have been a picturesque Fall day! But since we're both East Coast gals turned Cali girls, this is as close as it gets, and we both agreed -- the beach down the street makes up for the tiny weather setback. 

It's become a bit of a tradition for Bailey to accompany honey and I to the pumpkin patch sporting her Halloween costume. This year she stole the show as an adorable little cheerleader! The best part? Her  'uniform' was the exact same colors as my high school cheer uniform which made me one proud puppy mama!
Jeans -- Gap. || Booties -- Lucky Brand. || Tank -- TJ Maxx. || Headpiece -- Lemons & Lace. || Bracelet-- Nordstrom. || Ring -- Francescas. || Purse -- Rebecca Minkoff. || Lips -- Urban Decay, Shame. 

Happy October!

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A Cali Fall & Lisi Lerch Giveaway

Although we have been getting burdened with 3 digit temps here in SoCal doesn't mean we have any less of an itch to incorporate all our favorite fall items. As mentioned in my last post, its gives us a bit of a fun challenge when getting dressed for the day. A short and a long sleeve blouse is just the right mix for the trying task of mixing two seasons. I will admit, after spending this past week on the East Coast and getting a taste of those crisp cool days I am even more eager to keep these booties on and break out all of my fall colors. 
The best part about the challenge of dressing for this unseasonable heat is that I am not at it alone, right SoCal gals? In fact, I have linked up with some of my favorite OC Bloggers to bring ya'll a fun giveaway featuring these gorgeous earrings I have styled in my last 2 posts. One lucky reader will win a pair of Lisi Lerch Earrings & a $100 gift card to Lisi Lerch! {a pair of those gorgeous tassel earrings calling anyones name?} That is a $168 valued prize, ladies! Scroll down to see the ladies participating with me and find out how to win! 

Good Luck! 
Button up -- Tommy Hilfiger. || Shorts -- Billabong via Surf boutique. || Booties -- Lucky Brand. || Bracelet -- Small Laguna Surf Shop. || Earrings -- Lisi Lerch c/o. 

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