Monday, October 27, 2014

Fall Romper

After my trip back home on the East Coast there is no denying I have been bitten by the Fall bug. When my father was stationed in San Diego when I was in middle school my mom always talked about how much she missed the East Coast and I never really understood why. To me California had it all. I mean I was wearing shorts on Christmas day and thought that was as good as it got. Her answer always remained the same, "I miss the seasons; I miss Fall and the leaves changing." Now that I have grown up and don't exactly want to be wearing shorts for Christmas, I finally get it. 

As I've mentioned in my posts time and time again, the temps aren't exactly going down here, however, I am seeing more and more bloggers posting wearing all the latest Fall trends. Welp, for us Cali & Florida girls it just isn't realistic, and I always post about what I am really wearing. Therefore, I am in a pickle. I have the challenge of taking what I already own, which I mean c'mon it's primary beach clothes, and finding a way to dress for the season without adding warm layers. So for all you gals out there in my same boat I have compiled my 3 ways of respecting the Fall season but still dressing for the warm weather: 

1. Colors. It can be hard to find maroons, mustards and army greens in materials other than sweaters and heavy cardigans but if you really look, they are out there -- promise! Go for an army green pant or a maroon lip just like I did with this romper, color without sweating through it!

2. Light layers. This romper would scream summer if I didn't have a light cardigan to cover up with. However, it's not made of a thick material. Look for flowy coverups and sheer kimonos. If you look closely you can see right through the material of this cardigan, which is my favorite part!

3. Booties. I have a closest full of tall boots. Although they don't get much wear now due to my location I don't have the heart to part with any just yet. Not only do booties stay with the season, they aren't quite as heavy as a tall boot and can be worn with dresses and shorts. And let's be honest, our shorts aren't put away just yet... 
Romper -- Teal & Tala. | Cardigan -- Nordstrom. | Booties -- Lucky Brand. | Clutch -- Kisaks Studio. | Bracelets -- Alex & Ani. | Lip Color -- Shame by Urban Decay. 

How do you beat the heat but still dress for Fall? 

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