Sunday, November 30, 2014

Adios Fall

Has Thanksgiving really already come and gone? I hope you spent it surrounded my family, friends and endless casseroles! As I mentioned in a previous post, this was our first Thanksgiving spent away from our family, which I had a bit of a hard time accepting {what do you mean I have to cook?!} But all the casseroles turned out awesome, the turkey was juicy and my heart was full after FaceTiming our families and being surrounded by friends. 

So not only was this the first Thanksgiving spent away from our parents, it was the first Thanksgiving spent in 80 degree weather. Yup, you heard that right. 80 degrees here in SoCal. Just when I post about finally getting some cooler weather and looking forward to really diving into my Fall wardrobe we get graced with another heatwave. But no use in complaining, I've embraced this crazy season and  smiled because next month I get to dive into my closet and reintroduce all things sequins, reds, sequins, greens, oh and did I mention sequins?? 

Adios Fall, Thanksgiving, and pumpkins, see you next year! Bring on Christmas! 
White pants -- Paige. | Blouse -- ANGL. | Booties -- Lucky Brand. | Cardigan -- Nordstrom. | Hat -- Laguna Beach Boutique. | Sunnies -- Anthropologie.

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