Sunday, November 15, 2015

Pop your Paws: The Perfect Dog Lovers Gift!

My child has paws. Every time I pass an adorable coffee mug with this quote I giggle and think how appropriate it is for my life at this point in time. Although I see children in my future, at this time in my life I love walking into my classroom full of my children, and coming home to a wagging tail and tons of puppy kisses from my other child. Ya feel me?! 

So yes, I am one of those girls who dresses her puppy up in adorable clothes (a sparkly tutu is one that the honey and I just can't seem to agree on her wearing any day but her birthday but I digress). And lets be real, if I could put her in my purse and bring her everywhere with me I totally would. Just like any mother, I love spoiling her and filling frames around the house with her adorable kodak moments. You know, like that time she fell asleep on top of my head on the pillows or dressed up as a banana and went to the Pumpkin Patch for Halloween with her puppy BFFs Nellie, Zoey, and Archie

It is no surprise when I came across Pop Your Paws dog art I was obsessed. Get a personalized piece of my baby with the perfect custom details to make it pop on my gallery wall? Oh, I was all in! My entire family owns dogs and when we are home for Christmas our house looks like a dog pound so I think I know exactly what gifts I'm going to be ordering for my fellow dog lovers... 

Wait, as I write this post I am questioning if my obsession with her is healthy? Oh lets not be silly I am not the dog equivalent to an old cat lady...yet. 

I was gifted my Pop Your Paws art piece c/o, however, all thoughts, words, and pictures are my own. 

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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Suede & Giveaway!

Hi, my name is Christine and I write this blog. May have forgotten me. Well there is a very good reason for my recent absence (however, if you aren't following me on insta go do it now! I'm regularly posting over there!) For those who may not know, this summer I accepted a teaching position which means I am finally back in the classroom! Very long awaited and my heart has been all there since last May. It has been such a fun, exhausting, and exciting transition back into the classroom. After the last 2 years of working on the special Ed side of things it has only confirmed my belonging in the classroom. We are officially a month or so into school now. Back to School night has passed, the initial 10 emails a day of answering questions have passed, I finally know how to get to the teachers lounge and we even have our first field trip out of the way. So now that things on that end have slowed down I feel as though I finally have a moment to breath and catch up on anything and everything that isn't a lesson plan or new staff meeting. 

This weekend was the perfect weekend to unplug from schoolwork, as it is my honey and I's anniversary. Each year we make reservations somewhere that stretches our wallets, I come home to flowers and cards and we take a ton of pictures. This year was a little different. While trying to save money, and also learning all about new food issues I have recently been diagnosed with, eating out this year wasn't for us. We decided to wake up, venture out to a cute little cafe for some brunch, enjoy the cooler weather, and grocery shop for our homemade dinner of Filet Mignon and Lobster. This comfy, yet put together look helped me do just that. 

Scroll all the way down to check out a giveaway I am participating in to apologize for this long absence ;) 
Jeans -- Gap. | Vest -- Marshalls. | Loaders -- Forever 21. | Clutch -- Luna B.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Floral Vest & Giveaway

Ever just find an item of clothing and suddenly every outfit you pick you think, "Oh I can wear it with this.." ,"and this..." ,"and this..." and before you know it you want to wear it with just about everything you pull out of your closet. {I mean thats not exactly a bad problem to have, but may not be socially acceptable} Yeah, thats how this floor length vest had me feeling since the second I came across it online! And the fact that it was 50% off? I mean, hello, there is no way it wasn't going to be mine. When the beauty arrived in the mail and I paired it with a simple skinny jean and tank but the real magic happened when I took one step and it flowed right behind me. Like a cape, y'all! So wait? On sale, goes with every simple outfit and makes me feel like a wonderwoman ? I mean this gal is in wardrobe heaven.
Cardigan -- Milk & Money. | Tank -- Brandy Melville. | Jeans -- Gap. | Necklaces -- Loft | Heels -- Jessica Simpson. | Purse -- Rebecca Minkoff.

A group of fabulous bloggers and yours truly have teamed up to bring  you another fabulous giveaway! We're so grateful for you all and your support! We're rewarding one previous follower with a grand package worth $1,500! The package includes a Canon Revel camber body, 2 lenses, strap, camera bag, tutorial DVD, and other camera accessory. PLUS a Kate Spade handbag and wallet with chain. Open to international contestants but international winner will be responsible for shipping and applicable custom fee to be paid prior to shipping. Contest ends on September 06, 2015.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Linen Shorts and thinking of FALL?!

Ladies, I almost hate to admit it. So please accept my apology ahead of time. But, I...have started... the fall transition {insert ashamed emoji face here}. I know, I know. It's still officially summer and I really do plan to embrace every last second of it -- especially now that I am teaching again and know the upcoming stresses that loom in my near future. But when it comes to dressing I am noticing a natural gravitation towards rich fall colors, burnt oranges, forrest greens and I even have the sudden urge to paint on burgundy lipsticks. I don't want to get too ahead of myself. I am certainly not ready to say goodbye to my long days and beaching weekends but style wise, I am starting to accept it. Although I am still gravitating towards my usual summer whites I couldn't help but pair this fun crop top with a pair of casual linen shorts. An unusual pairing in my book since this top seems to be intended for a more 'dinner and drinks' type of getup but today, it was the perfect touch of summer for my otherwise warm toned look. Have I mentioned these have been my go-to shorts this past few weeks? I mean with the tassel detail but comfy flowy fit they won this gal over fast. 

In other news -- I would like to formally ask summer to stay around for just a few more weeks. 
Shorts -- The Loft. | Top -- Marshalls. | Hat -- Target. | Sandals -- The Gap.

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