Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Black & Tan

Happy New Year! You read that right, I am just now writing my first post of the new year. But Christine, its already almost February... {cue the monkey emoji shamefully covering his eyes} I know, I know.  But when I get more into my 2015 resolution it may make a little sense. 

I love a new year. It really feels like a brand new slate, an opportunity where it is not only socially acceptable but encouraged to make big changes. When my best friend called me a few weeks back to catch up before the new year she asked a very common question of close girlfriends, "So how is everything? Whats new? Its been awhile!" She lives in NYC and with the time differences and work schedules we are both on our 'textin' game' but tend to have to make an effort at scheduling in phone calls or we play weeks of phone tag. When she asked me that simple question I said "Things are good! No news to report, I mean things are good I guess just nothing new. Works going, honey and I are good, and well yeah... " lame right? Even I agree. After that phone convo I did a little reflecting. I live in this wonderful area, with amazing friends, and I have no news to report? Pish posh. This has to change. So here comes the resolutions.... 

1. Cook more. Notice how so many other bloggers are always posting their favorite recipes and pics of their awesome meals they just cooked for dinner? Also notice over on instagram your girl does no such thing? That would be because my meals are nothing to toot my horn over. Well thats about to change! Since the new year I have already whipped up some awesome healthy meals for my honey and I and have high hopes for this year and my kitchen skillzzzz. 

2. Begin Kayla Itsines Bikini Guide from the beginning for a second time. If you are unfamiliar with her BBG you need to head on over to her instagram and take a look. You will immediately see why she has over 1 million followers. She developed an awesome workout guide and my gosh, does it work. Once completing the full 12 week guide back in November I felt like a new woman. I wanted to challenge myself to the guide a second time but this time pairing the workouts with healthy meals to achieve one of those dream bodies she is always posting pictures of. I'm only 10 weeks away y'all, I'm tellin' ya -- its gonna happen.

3. Be present. At a fun girls night with some of my blogger gals, Kathleen of Carrie Bradshaw Lied suggested a good read to us girls in relationships {which happened to be all 4 us at the table so we listened carefully} The 5 Love Languages. Well, after reading up on the book and taking the online quiz both my honey and I were seeing things in a whole new light. Which feels almost funny to write because we have a wonderful relationship as is-- this has only made things more wonderful, which is awesome, right? {I will go more in-depth once the book has been finished but for now just know you have got to get online and take the quiz which I've linked above} It helped both of us identify our 'love language' and the importance of speaking your partners 'love language'. My boyfriends languge? "Quality time" which came as no surprise as he is always quick to call me out for scrolling instagram while we are out on date night. So a resolution? To be more present in our moments and learn to really 'speak his love language'. 

With all of that being said; mornings working out, evenings cooking, and post dinner time giving my honey that 'quality time', you can imagine I am still working out trying to balance these new goals of mine. But it can be done and I look forward to the new me. 

Here is a peek at what I wore on our last date night in Laguna Beach {right before I put my phone away oh, and also right before I got sick for the rest of the weekend} But at least the view was one for the books. 
Blouse -- Nordstrom. | Pants -- Gap. | Heels -- Windsor. | Purse -- Ralph Lauren. | Necklace -- Nordstrom. | Hat -- Local Laguna Boutique.
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