Sunday, February 15, 2015

Glammed Valentine's Day

Photo Credit:  Vanity Belle Beauty Boutique 

There is no denying, I love love. This may be where my love for Valentine's comes from, and if you have been following my blog the last 2 years then you've heard my rants about just how close to my heart I hold this day. I know, I know, "totally a Hallmark holiday", "You should show love everyday not just on Valentine's" & "you only like it when you are in a relationship". Nope, not this gal! Even those years when I was solo I celebrated in true Galentine's fashion, still celebrating the love I had for my girls. I'll say it again, I love love! 

So, we've established the fact I am totally sold on this made up holiday which means I start planning as soon as the New Years ball drops. If you read my last post you know we decided to forgo the busy restaurants and cook at home last year. Which meant this year I was itching to get all dolled up and show my Valentine off to everyone, even if it meant we had 3:00pm reservation and would be sitting elbow to elbow {seen the movie Valentine's Day? Totally just like that!}. If I could convince my honey to actually dress up -- which happens a grand total of 3 times a year -- I knew I had to bring my A game. 

And, that A game was totally brought after a glam day at Vantiy Belle Boutique! I had my outfit picked out for our date night but left my hair and makeup in the hands of the adorable and talented girls at Vanity Belle. The salon was busy with bridal parties {who got to take advantage of the adorable Bridal Suite, I mean check out that wall art!}, girls also glamming for their men, and even some ladies who were about to take the stage for some America's Got Talent auditions. It was so fun to see and hear everyone discussing why today was their special day to treat themselves, all while we sipped champagne and got 'prettified'

If you are in the Orange County area {or just coming for a visit to take advantage of this February 90 degree weather} a stop into Vanity Belle Boutique is a So Cal must! A date night, fun glam day with your girls, or even to celebrate a birthday, bride, or just the awesome you, I promise you'll leave feeling like you need a tiara on your newly curled head! 
After a day of glamming {and just a few glasses of Champagne} I rushed home to show off my look to my Valentine, who couldn't take his eyes of me, and put on my date night attire. A flirty mix of stripes and florals for our 90 degree Valentine here in So Cal. We ate seafood while overlooking the ocean and sipping on our cocktails. How did you spend your love day? 
Dress -- Express. | Kimono -- Forever 21. | Heels -- Windsor. | Clutch -- TJ Maxx. | 
Hair & Make up -- Vanity Belle Boutique 

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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Casual Valentine Look

Not a 'little black dress' type of Valentine's this year? Just because V Day tends to involve a date and a dinner somewhere involving candle light doesn't mean you can't break that mold. Last year the honey and I skipped dressing up and a night out for a couple massage and cooking some lobster at home. If y'all have been reading my blog or following my instagram for awhile now you know cooking and myself, well we don't exactly mesh well. So, to pass up on dinner at a nice restaurant for us to cook about pressure. After a relaxing massage {that may also have been one of the funniest massages we have ever had -- just picture a very large woman actually crawling up on the table and walking on my back while holding onto handles from the ceiling, I couldn't make this up!} we then rolled up our sleeves and had a nice romantic night cooking together and indulging in plenty of chocolate covered strawberries. Something casual and festive was exactly what I went to my closet in search for. 

Going out with your girls for a fun Galentine's night? This 'hello lover' tee might just attract your next love {insert windy face emoji here} Whether a night with your girls, a quick drink, or casual dinner at home, this tee and blazer mix is one of my favs. Don't forget to spice it up with a touch of leopard! 
Tee -- Style Lately. | Blazer -- Lauren Conrad {old). | Jeans -- Gap. | Clutch -- Target. | Loafers -- Target {old}.
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Monday, February 9, 2015

Pop of Pink

Last week it was all about red, but this week, move on over because its pinks turn. As much as I do love the color pink, I'll admit, it is often pushed far into my closet's black hole. You know, to that part of the closet you can barely reach, but you refuse to get rid of those items because you think "well I still like it". Yet it never gets worn. Yeah, thats where the majority of my pink items go. Not because I don't like them, because after all, I still keep them around. We all have those items right? 

What better time to give them a little love then around Valentine's Day. This pink blazer was a Forever 21 find about 3 years ago and its one of those items I just can't seem to part with. With a flowy shirt dress and my favorite neutral heels I am able to embrace the flirty and girly side of Valentine's Day. Perfect for some drinks after a dinner date if you ask me. 
Dress -- Brandy Melville. | Blazer -- Forever 21. | Heels -- Windsor. | Clutch -- {company out of business}. | Necklace -- Nordstrom.

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Monday, February 2, 2015

Romantic Jumpsuit

Whether single, dating, or engaged February is here and it means your romance levels sky rocket or replete. Due to the fact I am total girly girl, my month of February is filled with roses, reds, pinks and just about everything shaped in a heart. I once even tried to make honey a red heart shaped omelet -- a big no, no, I wouldn't recommend it. No one wants red food coloring in their morning eggs. 

If you follow my instagram you may recognize this black jumpsuit, as it was paired with a pretty awesome sequined bomber jacket for New Years Eve. When it comes to rompers or jumpsuits I don't tend to order online since they require such a specific fit, however, when I came across this beauty I took the risk. I am so glad I did because it ended up fitting like a glove. This is also a really fun alternative then the classic little black dress for your Valentine's night. With a red blazer {I mean I have to have to red!} and some delicate jewelry and dainty shoes I am ready for a romantic dinner with my honey.  We are trying a new restaurant in Laguna this year so this may be the winner!  I have a few more looks coming these next few days for all different occasions so make sure to check back!
Jumpsuit -- ASOS | Blazer -- Lauren Conrad (Old) | Shoes -- Winsor. | Clutch -- gift from Christmas (Apparently Amazon!?) | Bracelets -- Alex & Ani. | Necklace and rings -- Etsy vendors.

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