Thursday, February 12, 2015

Casual Valentine Look

Not a 'little black dress' type of Valentine's this year? Just because V Day tends to involve a date and a dinner somewhere involving candle light doesn't mean you can't break that mold. Last year the honey and I skipped dressing up and a night out for a couple massage and cooking some lobster at home. If y'all have been reading my blog or following my instagram for awhile now you know cooking and myself, well we don't exactly mesh well. So, to pass up on dinner at a nice restaurant for us to cook about pressure. After a relaxing massage {that may also have been one of the funniest massages we have ever had -- just picture a very large woman actually crawling up on the table and walking on my back while holding onto handles from the ceiling, I couldn't make this up!} we then rolled up our sleeves and had a nice romantic night cooking together and indulging in plenty of chocolate covered strawberries. Something casual and festive was exactly what I went to my closet in search for. 

Going out with your girls for a fun Galentine's night? This 'hello lover' tee might just attract your next love {insert windy face emoji here} Whether a night with your girls, a quick drink, or casual dinner at home, this tee and blazer mix is one of my favs. Don't forget to spice it up with a touch of leopard! 
Tee -- Style Lately. | Blazer -- Lauren Conrad {old). | Jeans -- Gap. | Clutch -- Target. | Loafers -- Target {old}.
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