Sunday, March 22, 2015

From Day to Night

Overpacking. We are all aware of the 50 lb weight limit when traveling by air but somehow always end up lip at the airport scale. Down to the last pound, praying your at home scale hasn't let you down, by the time the day of the trip arrives. I mean, please tell me I am not the only one? And then of course that doesn't leave much room for shopping, which is half the fun of visiting new areas. 

When I plan out my outfits, no matter the destination, I try to keep in mind the planned daily activites so I know what I'm dressing for. But sometimes that isn't always possible. If thats the case then I look for my most transitional 'day to night' items. This dress being just that for a spring break or summer vaca. This fun patterned summer dress -- with a bit of a festival vibe if you ask me -- was perfect with some gladiator sandals during the day and easily spiced up with a blazer vest, body chain and some slip on heels. So, where will I be planning my next vacation to? hmmm....
Dress -- Stitch & Feather. || Vest -- Target. || Heels -- Target. || Body Chain -- Etsy. || Purse -- Rebecca Minkoff. || Bracelets -- Alex & Ani.

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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Maxi & Crop Top -- The Perfect Love Affair

I consider myself to be a positive person. I love words of affirmation. I always have a smile on my face {unless the person before me just jacked the last donut then I am anything but smiles}. The honey nicknamed me "Bubs" when we first started dating because his favorite adjective for me was bubbly and I just so happened to be giggling all the time. Not a bad impression to leave so I was more than okay with that goofy nickname. With all of the positive talk I am also an 'over' exaggerator when it comes to thinks I like. I'll admit it, it's the truth. For example, "I loooove that top" ,"That is the cutest pair of shoes I have ever seen" and the most recent thing to join the club is "this is my absolute favorite outfit". 

Yes, I have recognized, admitted it, and now looking to recover from my over exaggerating ways when it comes to wardrobe items. But before I completely give it up... I will leave you with this... I am pretty sure this is my favorite spring outfit! {ever!} 

A fun floral high waisted maxi -- we already know my love for florals -- and a fun crop top. I love the thick material of the white top which made for a dressier look with the sheer maxi on bottom. Ideal for a stroll along the beach for Spring Break {while on your way to drinks of course
Top -- Marshalls. || Skirt -- Small OC Mix boutique. || Clutch -- TJ Maxx. || Sandals -- Target. || Ring -- Boutique. || Bracelets -- Alex & Ani.
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Sunday, March 8, 2015


Ever start your spring and summer shopping in the midst of chilly winter nights? {insert emoji chick with her hand raised high}. I mean, at the time you are thinking "I can't wait for warm weather to wear these" and also "I have to get it now because they will totally be sold out by the time it gets warmer anyways" You know, all those convos with yourself that convince you to press the 'order' button or run it to the register. That is exactly how this romper ended up in my closet. 

Although the chilly weather doesn't last too long here in SoCal, I didn't expect to be wearing this floral romper quite so early. With a heat wave of 90 degree temps and clear skies in the beginning of March I could not wait to throw on this flowy romper after a long morning of laying in the sun. It was the perfect fit for this casual beach day of pina colada sipping while watching the surfers and beach goers from the gorgeous balcony of the Surf & Sand Resort in Laguna Beach. If you don't explore the amazing restaurants and bars your local beach resorts have to offer you are truly missing out! Confession: we are locals who love to frequent hotel restaurants -- you feel like you are on a vacation and since the majority of their customers are, you can guarantee a fun & delicious experience! Because lets be honest, everyone on vaca is in for a good time! 
Romper -- Vici Dolls (see last post on how to order from Vici's) || Sandals -- Target. || Clutch -- TJ Maxx. || Bracelets -- Love Affect via Etsy & Alex & Ani. || Sunglasses -- Ray Bands 

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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Oversized Tee & Leggings

 Although the East Coast has been on a constant stream of blizzards, the West Coast has been full of warm temps and flip flops. I do have to admit, I miss the exciting anticipation of waking up and running to my window to see if the meteorologist predicted right and I would be off of work for the day. But I have traded hot coco February's and day sledding for the California sun, so I also have to embrace sandals in February. 

One of my favorite winter trends when I lived on the East Coast {and would experience 'real winters' } I loved to pair leggings with a big, comfy, and oversized sweater. As long as leggings are in, I don't imagine this winter essential going out of style. Since I can't get away with big sweaters unless I want to carry an extra deodorant on hand, a big flawy tee is second best. I did not hesitate in pressing the Order button as soon as I saw Vici Dolls post this oversized top. Today I paired it with faux leather leggings, but I can't wait to throw it over a bikini or with some cut offs this summer. Warning: this top will be on a rotating repeat this spring and summer! 

{If you are interest in Vici Dolls, they do not have an actual website, you simply set up a costumer account and comment with your email and size you would like whenever they post a photo on instagram, how cool is that!} 
Top -- Vici Dolls. | Leggings -- Forever 21. | Sandals -- Target. | Clutch -- Alola. | Sunglasses -- Ray Bands. | Bracelets -- Alex & Ani/ Love Affects. 

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