Sunday, March 22, 2015

From Day to Night

Overpacking. We are all aware of the 50 lb weight limit when traveling by air but somehow always end up lip at the airport scale. Down to the last pound, praying your at home scale hasn't let you down, by the time the day of the trip arrives. I mean, please tell me I am not the only one? And then of course that doesn't leave much room for shopping, which is half the fun of visiting new areas. 

When I plan out my outfits, no matter the destination, I try to keep in mind the planned daily activites so I know what I'm dressing for. But sometimes that isn't always possible. If thats the case then I look for my most transitional 'day to night' items. This dress being just that for a spring break or summer vaca. This fun patterned summer dress -- with a bit of a festival vibe if you ask me -- was perfect with some gladiator sandals during the day and easily spiced up with a blazer vest, body chain and some slip on heels. So, where will I be planning my next vacation to? hmmm....
Dress -- Stitch & Feather. || Vest -- Target. || Heels -- Target. || Body Chain -- Etsy. || Purse -- Rebecca Minkoff. || Bracelets -- Alex & Ani.

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