Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Festival Shorts

With Coachella around the corner every Southern Californian has festival season on the brain. I'll be honest, you won't find me at Coachella or any music festivals but that doesn't mean you won't find me shopping for fun beaded, fringe, and florals. As soon as I saw these shorts I took a step back when I saw the price but took a deep breath and headed towards the register anyways. A total splurge. But you can see why, huh?! A cute summer must and I promise you will see these on repeat. With a light but of color and some fun gladiator sandals I have a small touch of festival while still staying true to me. Win! 
Shorts -- AMUSE via Luna B. | Shirt -- Nordstrom Rack. | Sandals -- Target. | Purse -- Rebecca Minkoff. |
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