Sunday, May 31, 2015

Drinks at the Beach

I know I have spoken before about my love for maxis and their versatility. The ability to go from grocery shopping with a messy bun to some make up and sandals for dinner and drinks without a full outfit change makes this gal way too happy. This gray maxi has been a closet favorite for the past year now and whether I was throwing it on with a sweater over the winter months or a fun colorful tasseled necklace come spring, its been a comfy go-to.

The honey and I live in a vacation destination. Yes, we became one of those perma-vacationers and proud. Although it has it's obvious pros, it does come with some cons as well. Far from family and extremely busy, with no parking, during peek seasons. However, we have embraced the cons and learned to roll with them. For example, our favorite Sunday evening past time? Head to the local beach hotels for dinner and drinks which lucky for us are walking distance. Which is exactly where we headed to this night. Always great food, the best beach drinks {little umbrellas always make cocktails better}, and you can't beat the hospitality. I mean its a total win-win!
Dress- Target. | Lace Bralette -- Urban Outfitters. | Sandals -- Sam Edelman. | Tassel Necklace & Bracelets -- Etsy, LovesAffect. | Clutch -- Luna B.
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Monday, May 25, 2015

Red, White & Blue

Any holiday that involves red, white & blue and American flags monopolizing every building makes my heart smile. If you have been reading along for awhile then you already know my father was a U.S. Navy Officer for nearly 30 years. His active duty resulted in many, many, moves growing up {which has sparked my adult gypsy ways} and many holidays, birthdays and special moments missed by my father. All of the time away made me appreciate every moment I had with him and today I have no shame in admitting I just may be the world's biggest daddy's girl. I am lucky my dad came home after every deployment but not everyone is so lucky, which makes todays holiday so special. Today may be about memorializing the ones who have fought for our country and never made it back home but for me its also about giving the ones who did make it one a tight hug.  Which is also why you will always see an American flag proudly flying in front of whatever home I call mine. 

They always say a girl will pick a man like her daddy and there is no denying I did just that. Almost to the point where I wonder how it is possible that my dad has an exact clone 25 years apart. I am lucky enough to also have been able to welcome home my honey after a 5 month deployment in Afghanistan 4 years ago. After 5 years of active duty it is nice to see him now chasing his next passion in graphic design but a little part of me will always be that Navy girlfriend, and proud. {I've attached some photos of my favorite two Navy men at the end of this post!} 

This year we decided to host our own Memorial Day BBQ since we just so happen to have the perfect beach side patio to do so. We grilled some burgers, sipped strawberry vodka-ade, and laughed the night away until we settled down to a bonfire. It was the perfect way to kick off summer and remember why we are lucky enough to enjoy this freedoms. If you follow over on instagram you know Abby, of The Fabulous Life of a Natural Disaster, is one of my closest girls out here in OC. No doubt, every time we get together there are endless laughs and lots of cocktails! This weekend was no different but this time we decided it'd be fun to share with y'all our holiday outfits together! Already have an outfit picked out for your BBQ today? Then just consider this a jump start on your 4th of July getup! 
Romper -- Target. || Headband -- Brandy Melville. || Sandals -- Forever 21. || Necklace -- Etsy. || Clutch -- Target. || Bracelets -- Alex & Ani. 

For Abby's outfit details head on over to The Fabulous Life of a Natural Disaster

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Monday, May 18, 2015

Flowers & Lace

Lace shorts. I'll admit it took me a bit of time to come around to the idea of wearing what some would describe as "table cloths". But after running into these lace beauties I finally decided to take the plunge and embrace the lace shorts trend-- and I am so glad I did! I have always loved white pants and shorts for spring and summer  {I mean, duh, who doesn't} but with the added detail of the lace they the perfect material for the water temps. Not to mention comfy and just dressy enough to spice up errand running or a cute heel for some evening drinks. Has anyone noticed how often I talk about the perfect outfits for a quick drink? What can I say, girl looks a good mojito by the beach. 

Since denim and whites is a favorite warm weather look I added a pop of color with my J. Crew espadrilles since this look brought me to Fashion Island for some weekend shopping and I knew I would be on my feet for the next few hours. So my new lace shorts are without a doubt a must have for this summer! They might accompany me to a summer BBQ...or 2...or 3.... 
Lace Shorts -- Billabong || Denim Shirt -- American Eagle. || Espadrilles -- J. Crew. || Purse -- Marshalls. || Phone Case -- Casetify. || Necklace -- Etsy.

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