Tuesday, June 16, 2015

June Gloom Go-To

 Summer is full of plans. At least for me it is. {insert hand raised proudly emoji here} We all get that travel bug, that bug to stay out a little longer, and that bug that gets us planning bbqs, dinners, and brunches. And, lemme tell you, I am all about that bug. I love being outside, have guests and planning out each and every weekend of summer. This June has certainly been no difference thus far. However, if you follow any Southern Californian then I am sure you have seen us all venting about June Gloom. 

For those unfamiliar, California has a cruel joke where we are cursed with gloomy, overcast days throughout the month of June which really puts a damper on beach days {and unfortunately, my tan as well} Since nearly every weekend since May -- yes, we got that May Gray this year, too -- has been gloomy and has really put a wrench in my wardrobe as well. Since typically coats and hoodies are a gloomy days best friend I have a dilemma.It is still summer and I want to embrace my favorite season!

This jumpsuit has helped me accomplish just that. A simple black jumpsuit with a few items of jewelry and my fav panama hat and I am good to go. Simple. Comfy. Perfect for a day of gloom with a comfy cardigan. How do you dress for those unexpected gloomy summer days with a sweater is just too warm? 
Jumpsuit -- Arie, via TJ Maxx. | Necklace -- Etsy, Loves Affect. | Hat -- Target. | Purse -- TJ Maxx. | Sandals -- Steve Madden.
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